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From Tanya - Sunday, 9th October 2005, 03:17 (GMT)
Wow what great photos...
Glad to see you are having a good time... will catch up with you again... Uncle Bens Bathurst Breakfast BBQ today so a day full of car races and beer. U Ben got a great shirt from his mates will send you a photo later... Take care... love you Daltongang 4
Ahh Bathurst. Yes, dad did mention something about the day filled with the sound of car engines in the background! I'll be looking for that photo!
Love you guys and take care:)
From Dad - Monday, 28th November 2005, 11:09 (GMT)
Hi Jess. Yes we are here Jess and Lovin' your page. As Sista no doubt filled you in we have Grandma & Poppy here. Trying to get poppy onto the net to send yah something ....Yepp still trying. We were in Sydney for Starsha's engagement and had a wonderful time catching up with family and meeting the new half. I'll send photo's soon via direct email. Lotsa Luv & kisses Mum & Dad
Thanx dad! Yeah, sista updated me:) Looking for those photos!
Love ya
From Jess - Monday, 26th September 2005, 03:14 (GMT)
Sounds you are having a great time. We are fine. We sent are love and kisses.

Wally & Leley
Thanks guys! I am:) glad that mum has been able to pass the word around about my travel page! xxoo
From Sista - Sunday, 6th November 2005, 10:36 (GMT)
I know I only just left a msg but have you looked at the names of some of those places in that wacky country of yours? Boffin Island? Happy Valley Goose Bay? I mean really!!! Were they just making those up? Hope the rest of your midterms went fine, I'm just bout to start so wish me luck!! Keep on frolickin that snow!
I know they have some weird names but how the hell did you find that!? Shouldn't you be studying....;) Good luck with your'll do fine!
Oh i'll frolick. Don't worry.
Love ya!
From kristin - Sunday, 23rd October 2005, 03:14 (GMT)
hey sexy its your big cousin just thought i'd write (type) and say hi and let you know that i'm pregnant yeah i'm 8 weeks so still early days but going good. i've got grandma and pop here and they gave me your address so we've been on your sight having a look. sounds like you've had lots of fun. i'll talk to you soon. stay safe and don't drink as much i would. lots of love kristin
Mum told me! I was going to email to congratulate you but i didn't have it. It's so exciting! The first great granchild! Gma and pop must be stoked (like everyone else i would imagine!). Can't believe my big cousin is pregnant! Hope it all goes well and keep me informed! Mum said it's due june 5th so you'll have to hold off until the 7th(if thats even possible!) and have 3 generations birthdays then (Mum, Becky and the bub).
Lots of love
From Louesa - Saturday, 17th December 2005, 01:50 (GMT)
Hey Jess,

You must be so excited to be finishing your exams! I know you will be a little sad to leave calgary though :( I was just wondering about your plans when you leave Vancouver. You are going to Lake Louise right? Do you two have plans there? How long are you staying?
Looking forward to seeing you!
Hey Louesa!
I am excited and sad at the same time....
We leave Vancouver by bus on the 28th and arrive late that night. Then it's Lake Louise until the 31st and Banf for new years until the third of Jan. Why, thinking of joining me? :)
Talk soon!
Love Jess
From Mum and Dad - Sunday, 11th September 2005, 13:24 (GMT)
Hey babe,
Wow, you sure have packed heaps in, in 3 days. Those 25c beers a little scary, but then so are those 'pornstars'. thanks for all the photos, loved them all. Don't forget to get in touch with Misty and Louesa as soon as you can. Sounds like a totally awesome time for you. No excuses for not keeping fit with the gym and the iceskating. Missing you heaps, but so happy you are settleing in so well. Your little flat looks great and sounds like you'll get on well with Clare. Good luck on Monday starting to get the grey matter working again. That's surely got to be the biggest challenge.

Love ya heaps. xxxxooo
Love you guys too! Have sent you a more detailed email and if you don't get it let me know and i'll cry...
From ben - Sunday, 11th September 2005, 23:30 (GMT)
Hey Jess!!! Your havin a ball!! i REALLY want to come now... im in party mode... what the hell is with the "pretty paths"? ... you nuttta!! have a few shots for me.... and a few beers... and get a picture with a cowboy and you shoving your finger up his nose!! DOOOO IT!!!!
OK, i'll see what i can do Benji. BTW, i'm the nutta and you want a photo of a cowboy with a finger up the nose?
From chloe - Monday, 19th September 2005, 05:14 (GMT)
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday day jessie poo, happy birthday to you for yesterday!!! sounds like you are having the time of your life. Here's sopme new for you Cass had a the baby this morning at 9:30. a little boy 7lb 14 oz.. isn;t that exciting... anyways cya have fun, im sure you will.
Wow! That is news!. Tell her i said congrats. And happy bday to you for the 9th:)
From ERIN - Saturday, 28th January 2006, 05:17 (GMT)
I've decided that you have to return to Calgary or I will fly over there and hurt you. (But while I'm over there I give you permission to show me around for awhile until I drag you back to Calgary with me).
You retard! Well i'm home now and i will have time to look up that Live Journal thingy so maybe you wont have to go into Jess withdrawels:)
Have fun in good ole Calgary!
From kate - Friday, 23rd September 2005, 02:08 (GMT)
Hey Jess!!!
its k-k-k katie!!
I just read your email, m so glad ur havin n awesome time its sounds soo fun... espec the whipped cream!!! LOL..
I love your website, I can now check up n c photos!!! awesome!..
well babe i'll t5alk to u soon!!
bye bye
Hello miss kkkkkatie! i'll put the photos of my bday up soon and i'll try take some tonight coz i'm goin to a big party! Email soon k:)
From Louesa Newman - Friday, 23rd September 2005, 07:15 (GMT)
O Canada!
Welcome Jess, my favourite little sister! Glad to hear that you are fitting in well in Calgary, don't go too crazy on those 25cent beers, you need to survive the whole semester!
So.. you think it is cold now eh? Just wait until it starts snowing! I'm going to send you a big email as soon as I finish reading all your blogs, then we can make some plans for christmas time. Love ya
Yay! Looking forward to it for sure:) Can't wait to see you guys and have a white christmas! I'll be looking for that email!
From Sista - Wednesday, 28th September 2005, 11:16 (GMT)
Can't believe they played my contiki song! Aaah! Did you go nuts? I so woulda but maybe that's coz I am nuts! Miss ya sista, thinkin of ya always!
PS Love your tree and mountain pics, they're gettin even prettier!!
Yes i did go nuts and yes everyone looked at me funny! Might be going to Jasper this weekend so the pictures are gunna get even betta!
From Toni-Anne - Thursday, 29th September 2005, 11:25 (GMT)
Glad to hear that you are enjoying yourself so much in Canada. Keep the photos coming. Its great to see what your up to

Keep Well
Thanks i definantly am! I'll have more photos and another diary entry after this weekend so make sure you check it out then!
From Selena - Saturday, 1st October 2005, 00:10 (GMT)
Hey Jess
so good to see another one of us jetting about. Lee and I will be in London from 2nd December for a month so if our dates match up let us know and we'll hook up. lots of love
Will definantly be there in January. I think it's around the 8th or 9th that i get there. I will email you in more detail when it gets a bit closer so we can organise where to meet and stuff! Can't wait!
From Sista - Tuesday, 4th October 2005, 06:50 (GMT)
Wow jess that sounded like one hell of a weekend! Can't wait to talk to you and hear more about it! Glad your gettin some study done but dont stress out too much! P's make degrees! Hehe!
Love ya, proud of all your doin!
Thanks shrub:) You betta call me today!
From dave - Wednesday, 5th October 2005, 00:00 (GMT)
love your page jess, its just like when you tell a story and its hilarious! but haha its snowing already!
take care
Thanx mate! It was warmer today, not snowing and sunny. A balmy -3 degrees this morning.....
From ma & shrub - Monday, 5th December 2005, 10:35 (GMT)
hey snow bunny, do ya think ya might check out where your falling (snowboarding) BEFORE you go down the slopes! We're getting a little scared down under. Must say very impressed with your consistent ability of falling on your arse. Shrub is trying to keep up - with soccer injuries (yes, really, she played) ps, we're putting up the xmas tree 2mo. will send piccies. miss ya heaps, luv ya xxxxxxxx
Soccer? But why? Are we talking about MY shrub? In any case it would be hard to beat me in the falling on the arse stakes:) Miss you guys and feel sad i won't be there to help with the chrissie tree, but you know, think of me when you put the star on!
Love Ya's
From Dad - Thursday, 6th October 2005, 03:49 (GMT)
Love the stories Jess. Lots of fun adventures interspersed with lotsa Engabeering. Speaking of Cougars, (By the way that story just sounded so like you. I could even picture the raised eyebrow and leaning back look you do when you say those sort of “scary” things. Saz will learn eventually) the puppies are fine. Minnie keeps looking for you. Each time I let her in she dashes off to your room, just in case ! Scully … well you know Scully. He knows your not there so doesn’t even bother going there to look for food anymore. Lotsa love and cuddles. Have fun. Love Dad
Hay daddy!
Ofcourse Minnie misses me! i tell her she's BEAUTIFUL every day, not an 'ugly fat arse b--ch' like some people i know:) And i'm sure Scully misses me on the inside.... maybe.
Got a maths test today but tonight the enginbeering will begin all over:)
Love you lots and lots and lots and miss you more xxoo
From Pop & Grandma - Tuesday, 11th October 2005, 02:03 (GMT)
Hi Jess,
At Wally's place in Hervey Bay. Had a look at your photo's etc. Looks great and you are having a ball. Don't forget your studies with all the partying. Catch up with your expoits next time we get to a computer. Both well and will be at Mum and Dads before Xmas. Luv ya Heaps.
How could i forget study:( Unfortunantly the partying is only once or twice a week and uni is ALL week! Miss you guys and kinda sad that everyone will be together for christmas without me. But i'm excited about my white christmas and i won't be devoid of family having my extra sisters here in Canada (Dads sisters daughters louesa and misty). Luv you both and take care xxoo
From Sista - Monday, 12th December 2005, 03:28 (GMT)
Hey Shrub just wanted to wish you good luck on your physics exam! We're really missing you back home, it's kinda lonely without you being here during the day to keep me company! Mum told me about your plans for new year tho and they sound awesome! At least by then it'll only be one month till you're back! I'll prob give ya a call 2mo morning (before I go off to the beach hehe!) to try and catch ya after your exam!
Love you lots and lots and lots xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox
Thanks sista! It's pre-exam now and i'm all good:) can't wait to hear from you this arvie and if you wanted to make me jealous and miss home with the beach statement...mission achieved!
Love Jess
From Mum - Thursday, 13th October 2005, 11:39 (GMT)
I don't know if I'm shocked that you actually ate mashed potato or feeling insecure about mine (is there something you girls aren't telling me?), you can bet there'll be some on the menu when you get home.... so glad you got to have the full 'thanksgiving experience', Can't believe you're out of vegemite already. Keep up the good fun and good study. missing ya heaps. love ma xxxxoooo
I think it was just the mood of the whole thing.The gravy, the turkey, the gravy, the potato, the gravy....It didn't even taste like potato when i poured gravy over it and ate it with some turkey:) I was guilted into coz there was so much. So unless you can replicate those exact circumstances i wouldn't whip out the mash just yet...
Love you and miss you
From B-E-N-G-O and bengo - Wednesday, 19th October 2005, 04:01 (GMT)
Just letting you know that i am in the process of reading all of your emails caz i lost the address but HA HA.... keep your hands away from my cookie jar!!
Good luck! I reckon theres at least an hour of good solid reading and i don't know if you have the dedication....tho i guess your procrastinating from doing uni stuff so maybe it's possible:)
From Rosarna Geerz - Saturday, 24th December 2005, 05:37 (GMT)
hey jess!
how you been???
got the yearly o'brien letter and thought i'd give you a letter...
hope you have a lovely white xmas!!! tell me all about it!
loving you, Rosy
Hey Rosie! Good to hear from you! I haven't read the O'Brien letter yet but i can imagine what they said:) It's not so much a white christmas at the moment as a GREY christmas but what can you do?
Hope your chrissie is hot and sunny!
Love Jess xxoo
From Sista - Tuesday, 25th October 2005, 10:56 (GMT)
Sexy gear sista, you're actually gunna look like a professional when you hit those slopes! Just remember - DON'T BREAK ANYTHING! Hope you've recovered from the weekend and got your costume all sorted. Halloween in Canada - should be fun, I expect millions of photos! James says hi! Tamworth is hot but pretty, cant wait to go back!
Love you baby!!!xoxoxox
I'll TRY not to break anything but i can't GUARANTEE:)
Haven't got my costume yet and starting to worry! I can't go shopping till thursday night and i need the costume for friday! Gaaah!
I'm sure it will all work out.....
Luv ya!