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From Lena McCormack - Thursday, 27th October 2005, 02:02 (GMT)
Hi Eliza,
Long time since we caught up your dad gave me this site so I thought I would contact you. I can't beleive how quiockly the years have passed. We are still in Hamilton, I still love my job & Marke has his own removalist business it is going well Alexandra is now 15 & Matthew 16 and verygrown up. It sounds like you are having a great time. I will keep logging in to follow your journey. Can I send photos to you? Stay stafe and enjoy yourselves. Love Lena
greta to hear from you, my god i cant believe that the kids arn't kids anymore time goes very quickly. Am glad all is going well in Hamilton tell Marke unfortunatly i had to sell the Daewoo to fund this trip but it was a great little car. It would be great to get some photos either send them to my email or my address is 14 Bloenfontein Rd Sheperds Bush W12 7BX. ok must get back to work keep in contact love eliza
From mistee - Thursday, 7th June 2007, 00:04 (GMT)
Congrates Pete on the marathon, what an awesome job.
Happy Bithday to u, Happy birthday to u, Happy birthday to Eliza happy birthday to u. I no you will have the best birthday ever as Julie tells me you guys are off to Morocco. Can't wait to c some pics. Have fun and have a great birthday love snail and mist
Hi mist,
had a great time in morocco, but now it back to work to save for the next trip, are you envious? ha ha.
Hope all is well at home, love e&p
From Tina - Friday, 14th October 2005, 03:41 (GMT)
Hey guys,
U still having a ball? Have you found work yet or r yas still living the good life?
Half ya luck.
Have fun, take care
love yas
yer we are still having fun no work yet but i will start next week peter is still looking in Bath at the moment and saw stonehenge yesterday good but really just some big stones hope all is well hows the puppy dog going?
From Julie & Richard - Friday, 14th October 2005, 12:01 (GMT)
Hi guys,
Just got back from the Club - didn't win a bloody thing! Did the banking today Lize, shall I text the details? Everyone is fine - Rhan should be coming up soon - Love to you both, keep on having fun.
Lots of love
Julie & Richard
no good you will have to get steve to rigg it some how will call you when we get back to london in bath at the moment very pretty but not all that much to do love to you both xxx
From Cam & Kristy - Tuesday, 14th February 2006, 01:49 (GMT)
Whats goin on cat and eliza. just found your travel page today looks like u both doin it tough over there! moved to melbourne in jan so its good to be back a bit closer to home. catcha both when u get home. ps go easy on the coffee!
Hi guys
yer we are having a great time am sick of the gloom but the days are starting to get longer so hopefully summer isn't to far away as we keep getting told that london is great in summer. glad to hear that you are adapting to the big smoke of melbourne, we will see you up the river for new years
catch ya
From kezz & andy - Tuesday, 18th October 2005, 01:22 (GMT)
Hey guys. Looks like you're having the most awesome time. The photos are grouse, had no idea there was a site where you could do all this. I'm learning something new bout technology every day!! We're fine and it's derby day next week. Ahhhh!! Will not be the same. Have fun and speak soon. xx
Hi kezz and andy
yer i now what you mean about technology it took us a while to fihure out how to get the photos on the computer get to see karen and geth tonight am looking forward to it, its been awhile, how is john going i didn't get round to calling di don't now if mick is pissed off. have fun at derby day karen and i might have our own derby day here cant let the tradition die.
From Maureen - Wednesday, 19th October 2005, 01:45 (GMT)
Hi E&P,
Love your photos and your place sounds perfect! This is a fantastic way for all your friends to know what you are doing! Perfect for Dad so he won't miss his little girl as much! All my love,
Hi mo and daddy,
well it was nice to finally hear from you dad...
hope you are both well love you and miss you will talk soon xxx
From Muzza - Monday, 26th December 2005, 12:56 (GMT)
Merry Xmas - we R all at 13th Beach -thinking of u - NOT (boomer). Corey's a pain in the arse as u\sual. He just smashed boomer. Bullshit (boomer). (Donna) we're all here aren't we? Guess so. Mum and Dad are missing u - this has taken 4.5 hrs to create (not) - Muzza and the other 20 gregg's
hi to all the greggs,
glad to hear that you guys had fun over the christams period, we had alittle bit too much fun at times. hope all are well love pete and eliza
From aunty kaz - Saturday, 29th October 2005, 02:11 (GMT)
hi pete and eliza, happy birthday for 25th pete, did thing of you but wasn't organised with web address at the time. trust you enjoyed it. We went out for kev's birthday last night to oscar w in echuca with rac and buster.
Have a designated pub for old ouyenites in echuca now - its the echuca pub fridays 5.30 - 7.00pm. started yesterday. Caught up with dasher and brian pearson before dinner. Kev playing tennis today Sat. with steve manley..wants to win of course so pressure has been applied to steve. Had to go to jeff parkers wedding in mildura last week damion was best man, great show but long way. whole damn family invited and lags as baby sitter for layla as well. Loving life as we hope u 2 are. Nan and pop and all going well, have fun...kaz
Hi to all the o'callaghans
Well we went out last night to celebrate petes birthday and we are alittle unwell today we are still having a great time and have just booked our christmas and new years holidays will update the website soon love to all eliza and pete
From Buster - Thursday, 5th January 2006, 03:01 (GMT)
Happy new year to you you prick. And also to Eliza.
UP at Coffs, people still talking about you. Hoey going off!
have a good one............
same to you mate
yer they don't have pubs over here like the Hoey
have a beer or two for me
From Teen - Friday, 25th November 2005, 00:03 (GMT)
Hey, did you guys get my email about Tarrah and Jockey having a little girl???? if not her name is shinade and she was born on 15 Nov. Hope your having a wonderful time. Honey is great. She cant wait to meet jock! hehe Josh still not at work but hopefully he will b after xmas. take care love teen xoxoxoxoxo
ps: more photos please!
Sorry, yes we did get your email, pass on our congratulations to them both. Have been a bit slack i know sorry, we don't have any photos of anything interesting we are going to Brussells soon for the weekend to see the christmas markets so will have photos then.
Hope the two dogs are friendly to each other jock and jimmy didn't see eye to eye hopefully it will be better with honey. Hope josh is on the mend soon love eliza and pete
From Fee - Wednesday, 5th October 2005, 23:29 (GMT)
Hi guys,
Love the photos, looks like you had a ball in Germany (and one or two beers)! Keep the snaps coming, can almost imagine am there with you!
Cheers & much love,
thanks babe it was alot of fun and am a bit beered out hope all is well xxx
From Jake Vallance - Wednesday, 12th October 2005, 13:09 (GMT)
hows it goin Eliza+Pete sounds like your havin a great time. next time you send an e mail to dad send it to my address caus we dont know how to get to his.
Love Jake
p.s. ask pete to get some photos of some nice lookin english chicks my age (and his if he wants) cause i wanna know wat i;m missin out on. thnx.
No he will not be sending you any photos of hot girls because i am the hottest girl here ha ha you better be behaving hope you had a great birthday love to you all xxx
From Rhianna and Sonny - Thursday, 13th October 2005, 08:41 (GMT)
Hi Guys,
Glad you've found a home, hope your flatmates are nice. The photos are awesome. We are so jealous but are hopeful we can eventually visit. Good luck at work toots and good luck job hunting Pete. Luv R&S
Hello bling bling and Mr Wee hope you are both working hard so you can save money and come and visit us missing you heaps will call you soon xxx
From lags - Thursday, 13th October 2005, 12:20 (GMT)
Hi my darlings, hope you are both fit & well. Hope you get this message. All is well here. Can't believe you ran into two guys from your home town!!! How's the stairs to the 4th floor treating you? Weather's good. Ben is at Halls Gap this week, so been pretty quiet here. Jock loves fruit & says hi. Tennis starts this week, Ouyen finally has a Senior cricket team again, lead by Matt O. Babysitting Layla next weekend In Mildura while Dame & Tash go to Geoff Parkers wedding. Checked out Lyndel's photos of her overseas adventure. Will keep checking for updates of your photos. Hope the job situation is working out for u both. Luv ya & take care xxxx
Glad to hear things are well at home pete is still looking for a job i will start next week we are in Bath at the moment afew hours from london a very pretty town we went to stonehedge yesterday its very strange they are these ancient stones right next to a freeway can you send us some photos of the family and of jock didnt bring any over am glad the baby is behaving am missing him heaps and you guys as well. our address is 74 Westbourne Terrace London England W2 6QA. gotta run love to you all eliza and pete
From - Tuesday, 18th October 2005, 09:40 (GMT)
It's great that u both r doing the tourist thing. Apartment looks cute enough, NO SHOWER, i'd die. Hope all goes well at work, let me know.
Love Rhianna
hi bling bling
yer not having a show is a little ruff but you get used to it but anyway we might have to move problems with the landlord so i might get a shower yet love ya xxx
From Aunty Rac - Thursday, 16th February 2006, 00:53 (GMT)
A huge hello to you both,
Hope you had a wonderful winter Christmas and fun and exciting New Year. Well that all seems forever ago now, but we all had a good time and our KK day was a lot of fun. Everyone was there except Pete and Eliza, so that was a pretty good effort I thought. You wouldn't guess who got the tin of jam?????? Surprise, Surprise, it was really hard to choose between Teen and Roboat,think it was a draw, but they had fun and lots of laughs and the neighbours told me lots of noise, but didn't really bother them. I have been really busy at work, so this is the first chance I have had to look at these emails. Buster has been in the Bank for 30 YEARS today, so the local paper did a big write up on him and lots of balloons and streamers in his office. I bought him a slab of Crownies and a helium balloon with 30 and streamers on it. Pretty big milestone these days. Teen and Josh are shifting to Perth, but you probably already knew that, cause everyone seemed to know before me!!!!!!! Teen flys out 27.2.06. Kylz back at uni but is shifting into another unit, so we will be shifting her in 2 weeks time. She has got work selling merchandise at the Commonwealth games for 2 weeks, some 12 hour days, so hopefully she can make some MONEY. Walky Talky in full training and getting bigger and musclier every time I see him. He has bought a house in Coburg, so doing well. Chook is back at school, starts year 11, is doing a year 12 subject and VET Office administration which means she will finish school with Certificate 11 in Office Admin. She is keen on Interior designing, and also makeup, but who would know. She is doing her Deb Ball this year, which is in May 19th, so I am on the Committee of course, have to make sure all is done properly. We have Jazz food and wine festival this weekend, so Lyndel has got friends coming up, Dam and Tash and now we have a housefull as well, so have Kate Cebrano at the Aquatic reserve singing, so should be fun. Has been sooo hot, 37 again today, but I love the heat. I am still playing netball in A grade and umpiring about 5 games a week, a walking in the mornings, gravity takes over at 47, so have to work harder or my bum will be dragging on the ground!!! thought you needed to know that. We are having fun and games trying to sort out Nan and Pop, the farm is going to Auction in April, so lots of mixed emotions. Anyway best go, great to hear from you, it all sounds so exciting, it is the only way I'll get to see the world through your eyes. Take care, stay healthy and happy. Missing yas heaps. By the way Poiter, thanks for my birthday text too, was special - not. Cheers
lots of love Aunty Rac XXXXX
Hi Aunty Rac
Its nice to hear from you, yer were thinking of you all at christmas time as well, Pete and I both put in a good effort on Christmas Day, as it was all you can eat and drink and in the end the resturant asked us to leave because we were eating and drinking too much, so you can imagine the state we were in. Congrates to Buster on 30 yrs of service to the bank. we are both very evious of the warm weather as it seems to get colder and colder here just when its supposed to get warmer anyway glad to hear that all is well at home. we are having heaps of fun but miss you all love ya
From Kathy G - Wednesday, 19th October 2005, 02:57 (GMT)
Hey Gorgeous, I'm glad to see that you both are slowly getting settled in and you look so happy! I like your dark hair Eliza.....gee that's how long I haven't seen you! Missing you even more now. Anyway keep the pics coming through and keep in touch. Love ya Kathy xoxo
hi kath,
yer thought that i would have a change its not true that blondes have more fun hope all is well
From Julie - Thursday, 20th October 2005, 03:17 (GMT)
Naan & Pa are here with me now - loved your pics and send you both all their love. Keep up with the pics.
Hello to nan, pa and big boy lachlan, glad you like the photos miss you all xxx
From Lags & Co. - Friday, 21st October 2005, 12:43 (GMT)
Hi you two, photos are great, can actually visualize you in your house now, looks nice and bright. Have sent you some photos of your baby Jock so I hope that you get them OK. How is work going? Hope all is what u want it to be. Have fun, love yas xxx
i have got some permanant work for about 6-8 weeks working as a district nurse but i cant say that i work very much and peter has got through all the red tape and the agency said that they will have work for him next week, which is good. Thanks for sending the photos hope you sent some of you guys as well. We have sent some post cards you should get them pretty soon. Just wondering were you are having christmas this year. we are now looking at going to sweden for christmas as belgium wont be cold enough for snow but who nows were we will end up. Love to you all and the baby to i have already got his christmas present which will last about 10 seconds. we will call you on sunday evening your time love you p&e
From - Tuesday, 25th October 2005, 11:48 (GMT)
Hi, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETE!! Hope you have a wonderful day and that Eliza spoils you. Hope that the photos still get to you, if they don't we will send you some more. You will have to show more photos of your new place. Be Good, & don't drink too many steins for your Bday. Love Lags, Ro, Corz, Rooster & Jock xxx
Hi guys
i am at work and have rung pete to tell him you have left a message don't worry i will spoil him i always do will go out for a birthday dinner tonight and will head out to the oktoberfest bar on sat night for a few steins don't worry we will get those photos we have kept keys so we can get in just for the photos. hope all is well talk soon
eliza xxx
From O'Callaghans - Sunday, 25th December 2005, 22:28 (GMT)
Hi Pete and Eliza
Merry xmas ! Ho ! HO! hO!
Tina got tin of jam thursday, when she spilt beer up rhonda's passage way and turned it into a slippery dip. Ro was charging $5 dollars a ride. Rhonda was up mopping floors til 1am.
Ro tried hard to get tin of jam christmas night here, but just ended up drinking on his own with all the lights off???!
I've had a lovely xmas, good pressies, eaten to much, the usual.
Love Lyndel

Hey Field Mouse
Get stuffed

dear pete and eliza
merry merry christmas and good cheer for the new year.
had a lovely xmas and hope you have enjoyed yours being cold and maybe white.
kev and i are off to mooloolaba for 5 nights to rst and reflect. enjoy the rest of the celebrations. kev has an ultimation of 6 months to move himself from ouyen to echuca by all present yesterday. layla is growing up and demands all our attentions and of course we respond. enjoy love kaz and kev

Ro says merry xmas
Drink heaps of beer
Hi guys been busy ticking a few boxes lately eg. Vienna prague berlin now amsterdam and lets say theres not to many unticked boxes in amsterdam. see ya happy new year
From missy & dale - Monday, 26th December 2005, 01:07 (GMT)
Merry xmas and a happy new year. hope your having a good time. great to see the photos, little goss, Joel Gniel is gunna be a dad, Brent Grayling and Simone Barnes got engaged. Take care, talk soon. missy and dale.
Hi mistee
thanks for the goss, hope you had a great time at your engagement party, we were thinking of you. good luck with the wedding plans
love eliza and pete
From Teen - Tuesday, 27th December 2005, 00:27 (GMT)
hey guys,
hope you had a lovely xmas. We have the KK today so i am sure plenty of drinking will be done. Ro got the Tin-a-jam xmas day but today we have to beat parrot!!! I will try and give it a crack. Any way really missin ya. Hope u r taking care.
Love Teen xoxoxoxoxo
Ps: Have a safe new year!!
hi teen we have got the word that you got the tin of jam, beginning to see a trend!!!!!! sitting in an amsterdam "coffee shop" at the moment, cant seem to be able to get a coffee. Oh well happy new year!!!
From Julie - Friday, 28th October 2005, 23:31 (GMT)
HI Lize and Pete
Starting to get back into the computer since you've been gone - sending my email address with this if you need it - I actually check it now. Amaya (from RMIT) John and the girls might be coming up for the 19th - I'm so pleased. Also Ana is moving to Brisbane permanently on the 7th Nov and sends you her love Lize - gave her the website so you may hear from her. Anyway Lize, I do miss you darling. Have fun and lots of love from Richard and I. Oh, Mum's got Samantha's details - will send them to you tomorrow.
Hi mummy and Richard
glad to hear that you have some friends ha ha. Spoke to sam am going to catch up with her on tuesday night which will be nice talk soon luv ya