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From Fee - Thursday, 3rd November 2005, 05:30 (GMT)
Hi Lize,
Think it's about time for an update on this site! Sick of logging in and seeing old news! Has Pete got a job yet? Have you settled in to the new place now? Send some photos! We're all well here in dreary Ol' Melbourne town, recovering from the races and Makybe Diva's spectacular win. Where did you end up booking for chrissy? We'll be off to Moe for xmas, not nearly as glamorous as wherever you will be! Brad, Ado and B.O.B all send their love. Keep the emails coming. Luv ya, Fee
From Kevvy - Monday, 7th November 2005, 10:43 (GMT)
Hi u 2.
Hope you are having a good time. Selling lambs out at the Terricks to the Gunbower Butcher for a good quid! Keeps me out of mischief. Won tennis on Sat of course..Went out to the plains tonight 2.5 inches of rain. Buster and I got bogged but got out! Lambs got feed up to their ears and loving it...Gearing up for harvest.. have a good time and catch u soon.. k
Hi Silverfox
getting plenty of rain over here getting dark at about 4:30pm. Glad to now that you and buster made it out safe. will be thinking of you during harvest working hard while we travel the world.
say hi to all the family
pete and eliza
From Nicole - Monday, 9th January 2006, 02:05 (GMT)
Hi Eliza,
very envious of you guys, sounds like you are having a ball. Enjoy readying your website and hearing about your travels. I am pregnant and will be due a couple of months after Fee. Not enjoying the morning sickness at the moment I keep telling Bryce we are only going to have 1 I am over it at the moment he he Take care and enjoy what life has to offer over there. Nicole xxoo
Hi nic
heard the good news from fee, congrats to you both, have tried to email but am having problems with your address. well at least you can both be fat at the same time ha ha. Hope the morning sickness ends soon
love eliza and pete
From tina - Thursday, 10th November 2005, 03:55 (GMT)
u 2 r idiots!!!!
Good 2 c ur havin fun.
Good work on getting a job pete u slacko.
Glad 2 c u have xmas under control. Green room starting to get a work out pete. few sharks about however. anyways keep putting photos on the website eliza and take care.
love teen xoxoxoxoxo
Yer had to crack the whip am make him go out and get a job was tired of supporting him, just think of us over here in the white room while you are having fun in the green room. Is Josh better? we are both thinking of him hoping his is on the mend.
Hows the puppy going?
love to you both
eliza & pete
From Dad - Tuesday, 15th November 2005, 04:47 (GMT)
Hi Baby,
called your mobile on the weekend, couldn't get an anwer. Hope I have the right number. I will try again this weekend, however, I will be in Victoria doing some work in Ballarat, then I am going to work my way up the Hume Highway to Albury then fly back from there next Wednesday.
Mo leaves for the US on Friday so I'm batching.Thought I would hit the road as it makes the time go faster.
Hope you are both well, speak to you whenI can. Love you.
Hi dad
Sorry i missed you call, you do have the right number. had a bit of a tummy bug so was layed out on the couch, will try to call before Mo leaves. You better behave while Mo is away no wild parties. Say hi to the McCormacks for me. love to you both eliza
From mistee - Friday, 18th November 2005, 07:34 (GMT)
hi, Eliza and Pete
hope you are both well and enjoying yourselfs. not much has been going on around town. Dale moved down on the weekend so thats great.
we all miss you and were all thinking of you heaps. take care love mistee
Hi mistee,
Yer we are still having fun, it is starting to get really cold over here. Heard that you are fading away, keep up the good work, hope Dale likes living in ouyen. love eliza and pete
From mistee - Sunday, 20th November 2005, 21:49 (GMT)
hi guys,
the wedding was great on the weekend. we all had a minute to think of you two over there. your card was lovely eliza. got some other news. dale and i got engaged last night. take care
love mistee
Congrats to you both we are very happy for you, need to know what the rock is like mist.
love to you both
eliza and pete
From Damion - Sunday, 4th December 2005, 20:23 (GMT)
Tooot Tooot.

The old steam train won the beep test at our first footy training. Once he got wound up they couldn;t stop him.
Need your mailing address for your christmas present.

Glad to see that old age hasn't slowed you down. Our address is 14 Bloemfontein Rd Shepherds Bush London England W12 7BX. Hi to Tash and Layla hope she enjoys her first christmas
Pete and Eliza
From Sandy Mon - Tuesday, 20th December 2005, 23:30 (GMT)
Hi Eliza and Pete, just wanted to say Merry Xmas. Hope your travelling days are full of fun. Although 3.30 -dark - where do you get any exercise!!!!
Take care and come home soon.
We don't get any exersice that the problem we will both have to join aerobics when we get home. Congratulations on Lukes engagement have a great christmas.
From maree & symo - Wednesday, 21st December 2005, 11:22 (GMT)
Hi Guys, got this site sussed out now so no stopping us.
love the photo`s , especially the ponting double . I couldn`t pick the real one.
Maree will be dirty she wasn`t home when you rang but she can l;ook over your photo`s and goss.
Have a GREAT xmas guys and enjoy yourselves.
were dreaming of a white xmas, but if the white runs out then we`ll drink the red.
love from the symo`s
Glad to see you figured it out, its about time. Have a great christmas love to the boys. talk in the new year, love pete and eliza
From The Symo`s - Sunday, 1st January 2006, 23:28 (GMT)
Happy new year guys, hope you had alot of fun seeing in the new year. We are all just recovering after a big one.
We lost power for 4 hours on NY eve in 40+ heat so we had to drink heaps just to survive. Played tennis all day at Johns new home on xmas day, Rusty & I won the doubles (god knows how) , Barnsey was blind.
The kids had a ball over xmas & Dion turns 4 on wednesday . another party .
Keep it safe and fun guys.
will talk soon.
Hi to all the symo's
glad to hear you all partied hard, we did the same. happy birthday to Dion, they grow up soo fast. hope all are well. we were sorry to hear about waynes mum.
love to you all
pete and eliza
From Deb and Steve - Sunday, 7th May 2006, 07:39 (GMT)
Hi Eliza, Pete, Rhianna & Sonny,
Congrats Rhianna & Sonny we are so excited for you both. Would love to have been a fly on the wall. Not only a lovely proposal but a great trip & with Eliza & Pete as well. You will treasure this forever. Look forward to some photos & news of the upcoming wedding. Footy season is well under way. Steve will put some photos on Julies p/r for you Pete. (when he gets arount to it.) Had Gracie's 300th yesterday & celebrations followed. Great win, Corey played well in the 1sts & Jake played well in the 2nds & a good night followed.
All is well here & we are glad to here everything is great over there. Take care lots of love. Deb, Steve, Jake & Rose
(P.S. Eliza, give Rhianna & Sonny a big kiss for me, Deb)
Hi Deb and Steve
lovely to hear from you, bobby sent some photos of the footy they were great, even had one of you steve, not so great ha ha. We will get around to putting some photos on the site, but believe it or not we have been working hard. Love to all the family, will talk soon
From Dad - Monday, 9th January 2006, 20:12 (GMT)
Hello Eliza,

Great photo's!!...are they new glasses you are wearing, they look fantastic on you.guess you won't need them for much longer!!!!

Hope you are both well.

Love Dad
Hi dad,
yer got the glasses for my birthday but after tomorrow i won't need them anymore yippee!!!!!
love ya
From Lena - Monday, 9th January 2006, 21:52 (GMT)
Hi Guys,
Sounds like you are having a fantastic time. I can relate to the snow bit, but in Montreal it used to get to -27 so you guys are doing it easy haha. The kids are enjoying their holidays and hopefully Matthew is getting ready to put in a big year in Yr12. he went fruit picking for a week and decided he should do some study as he doesn't want to do that for the rest of his life. Alexandra is still doing her best impersenation of a social butterfly. That girl would go to the opening of an envelope. She is going to stay with Peter & Maureen for a week in March to do her work experience at Girlfriend magazine. We are heading to the USA in March we wont be doing the cultural sightseeing that you are doing we are heading to Disneyland, San Diego & Las Vegas couldn't get more commercial than that. Marke & the kids are very excited. I am going to see Mum & Dad a bit later this month as it is Dad's birthday he will be 79 this year. Sounds like you are planning to stay away for a bit longer yet. Stay safe and keep having a fabulous time. Lots of love. Lena & Co.
Hi lena and family,
i can't believe that matthew is in yr 12, wish him all the best for me it can be a tough year. I am sure that you would know what cold would be but -6 is cold enough for me thanks don't know how you handled it. I am sure that you will have fun at disneyland at any age you can have fun at disneyland. Rhianna is hopefully comming over in May and we will hopefully go to euro disney in paris. We are due home about december next year so there is still lots of traveling to be done.
love to all the family
eliza and pete
From Nanna Mary - Sunday, 29th January 2006, 12:59 (GMT)
Hi Pete & Eliza, Hope your having fun and meeting some nice people. I have been thinking of you and kept up with what you are doing.
Nothing much has been happening around the farm since Xmas except that we have had some very hot , humid days with some savage storms occassionally.
Johns busy with the kiwis as they have all arrived for the hunter cup. Went up to Ouyen with Russell and Julie for a few days and had agreat time although it was over 40 degrees but didn`t bother me at all. Ro was very busy fixing all the power blackouts and working long hours .
not much else to report so i`ll say goodbye . keep warm, love to you both.
Nanna Mary.
Hi nanna mary
glad to hear you had a nice christsmas ours was good but very cold, hope you liked the photo, say hi to all the caldows
lots of love pete and eliza
From rowan the rooting mo - Friday, 17th February 2006, 07:07 (GMT)
gday gday, first time user long time listener. I'm in perth now, got a job as a concierge at rydges hotel. going for a sales job at Football Specialist, got a good contact so fingers crossed. Been training with subiaco and pel thunder but a bit behind the 8 ball. strained hammy so might play amateurs till next year. Ran in to the ouyen boys. Belly lives 2 doors away, f--ken scary hey!!
From Rowan the sex pistol - Friday, 17th February 2006, 07:11 (GMT)
Anyway way to extend this mesg page? Picked up a couple a German chick on the Nulabour,she didn't know you. Picked up a German chick in northbridge,she didn't know you either! Have you met anyone over there I know? I'm plaining trip to Amsterdam by the sounds of it!Went fishin near rottnest island caught a 1.5m Samson, twice as big as your dolphin fish!
yeah gday frank, did ya get anywhere with the german chicks? Havnt ran into that burnt pommy girl that you left your mates for in Aeirly beach yet she mite be still in Oz. Well sounds like we are both in the hotel business, i started a new job at the Ritz in Piccadilly on monday, only im rewiring and refurbishing not sitting on my arse like you. no samson fish over here but there have been whales swimming up the Thames so mite have to invest in an ugly stik. Oh well good luck with the footy all there is over here is pooftaball absolutely had a gut full maureen of it. oh well see ya have ya bum in the fridge for silva when he comes to visit. hooroo
From Sarah Crook - Sunday, 23rd April 2006, 06:02 (GMT)
G'day Pete & Eliza,
Deb Vallance told me about Planet I thought I'd look you up and say 'hi'. Sounds like you are having a ball over there, the photos look amazing. I'm up in the NT, working on a big cattle station. Anyway, have fun, keep up the drinking!
See you when you get back,
Hi Sarah,
yer we are still having a great time, have just got back from Paris, life is hard. Don't work too hard
pete and eliza
From Kerryn - Wednesday, 13th December 2006, 09:35 (GMT)
Hey Lize. Just had a look at your photos and they're awesome. It's great to be able to see your smiling face again!! Hope alls well and that you both have a great xmas!!
Hi babe
all is good and grey in london town, have a great christmas will talk soon and will see you in the new year xx
From teen the growling gu - Wednesday, 1st March 2006, 10:05 (GMT)
hey there,
Hows it all going? Well i am finally in perth and it is beautiful. I am living with Rowy Wowy at the moment and we are having a great time. When you return you should move to perth with us!! woo hoo how much fun would that be!! so you guys really need to update your site as it has not been done since January and it is a piss weak effort. but i still love yas. any ways i bet be off. So take care and i miss you heaps. mwa Bopper xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo
Hi teen
we are in ireland at the moment have just arrived in Cork, we are having a great time. So when we get back we will have heaps of new photos to show you. we haven't been doing anything interesting in london just working hard and trying to stay out of the cold. glad to hear that you are settling into your new home. better run there is guiness to be drunk.
From Maureen - Sunday, 21st May 2006, 22:41 (GMT)
HI Eliza,
Thanks for doing this! Rhianna looks so happy and her ring is beautiful! Must have been such a special night and one the 4 of you will never forget!
Wish I could have been there to see Rhianna eat snails!!!!! Bet you can't wait to see your Dad...I know he is so excited to see you.
Love to you and Pete,
yer am really looking forward to seeing dad, wish you were going to be with him.
love ya
From Rhianna - Saturday, 27th May 2006, 06:21 (GMT)
Hi darling sister,
It's your baby sister here,been calling but got no answer, left a msg & u have'nt called back. Phuket was so beautiful tell u all about it when we talk. In Ouyen right now to see the family and pick up Ed's. Haven't been able to leave msg here "cause our computer is stuffed so am writing u from Deb's. The ring has been resized & the setting put down, looks gorgeous, of course. Everyone is well, going to watch Lachie 2morrow at auskick B4 we head home. He is taller & as beautiful as ever. Please call me. Love you & miss u heaps. Had a great time with u & Pete, wish we could have stayed longer.
Also, thinking of having the wedding around Autumn, Misty is getting married in March so she hopes U can come to both weddings.
Loves & Kisses,
Rhianna & Sonny & Family.
From Aunty Rac - Thursday, 30th March 2006, 02:08 (GMT)
Hi Eliza & Pete
How are you both, hope the summer is not too far away for you. Played tennis with Lags in Ouyen long weekend, was 44.1 degrees, thought we were gonna die, lost in the B grad final, next year lookin' good. Teen and Josh safely settled in Perth and having a great time, we are flying over in June so can't wait for that. AFL kicks off this weekend, so going down, have a 50th in Melb sat night then watch Walky Talky play at Telstra Dome Sunday arvo, busy weekend. Kylz in her new unit and loves it, very homely. Guess what, Kevvy and Busters sheep are all lambing, 2 lambs left by there mothers, so hey presto, Rac has them in her back yard hand rearing them, they new I was a softy, Jimmy is nearly having a corony trying to keep up and mother them, it is funny. Anyway best go, have lots of work on, stay safe and happy, chat again soon. Luvin yas heaps.
Aunty Rac XXXX
Hi aunty Rac,
sounds like you are keeping busy, sounds like you could have a great bbq with those two new addittions, only joking. Glad to here that teen and Josh are settling in, as well as Kylie, say hi to them all for us. have just got back from ireland and we are straight back to work, we are off to paris for the weekend at the end of the month, life is hard. Say hi to buster luv to you all eliza & pete
From mistee - Thursday, 30th March 2006, 05:17 (GMT)
Hi guys,
i hear your going to stay to this time next year. i guess you have been having agreat time. we get updated from lags and julie. not much has been going on in ouyen. were in fairy dell and thats really busy. dale and i have brought a block of land. i've put the salon on the market. sporns have sold there house to matt retalick. thats all i no, nothing juicy. take care mistee
Hi mist,
glad to hear the fairy dell is doing well, thought it would with you and colleen behind it. are you going to build on the block of land? how awr the wedding plans?, not sure if we will be home. hi to dale
love eliza & pete
From ro 'al bundy' oc - Thursday, 30th March 2006, 11:09 (GMT)
what's up coight. how is the all aussie adventurer.started work at sports fever in subiaco a sports shop. good fun fitting shoes me new nickname is AL Bundy!! Haven't caught anymore fish but cracked a49 for 9 holes! good for me! went to a DandD ball the other night! Wowee it was a F%$#@ fest. Sorry Mum. Love you guys and watch out for flying shamrocks. how was Paddy day?
just finished puting the new photos on ro and im spewen coz i didnt put a photo of the teetowel on. We had a teetowel of ireland and followed the teetowel all round to all the places on it, just like jimeoin did, who needs a road map when you have a bloody teetowel. the rent a car had no radio reception so i HAD to buy TWO jonny cash cds. bloody fantastic. Well lugga landed and we accidently got shitfaced, just a little bit to bloody excited you know. been to cold for sport but summers almost here and ive heard jem browns almost here for county cricket, so maybe he could get me in the 1st eleven and let me send down a few of my special leg spin off break wrongens i used to do at 33 ritchie in me day. thats about as close as ill get to excersise untill the running of the bulls in july, i just luv the piss to much and if i dont drink it some other bastard will. well keep us in touch with the footy and women always keen to know if ya goen any good. riteo catch ya later