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From Camel Toe - Friday, 2nd December 2005, 07:42 (GMT)
Wats dooooiiiing pippi licker????????
I hate to admitt it but i had forgotten who you were already and only remembered the other day at work when i was looking after a patient who was missing their big toe!!!!!!!
I am only joking, unfortuanetly you are unforgetable ( aren't i sweet).
I obviously don't need to ask if you are well and having a good time....the photos say enough...You are one hot bitch!!! I am getting some serious itchy feet so your arse better still be over there when i pull my finger out.
Keep it real, stay thirsty and hang out with your wang out.
LOL Ana x
Maaaaaate! I'm missing ya like a fat kid misses cake!
Keep having phantom pains where my toe used to be... Hurry up with the finger pulling out! Luv E.
From Jamie - Saturday, 1st July 2006, 02:06 (GMT)
Hey Ella... long time no hear!!!! Hope your well... we are still chugging along here in Mullum... about to move to Brunswick in a few weeks... Rai lasted about a week with us then moved on (Transient!!!) Ana sayas hi... Will email you soon Jamie x x
Hey back! Yeah Rai has been getting around since leaving England..! Not long till I'm home soon and we can catch up. xx
From Kirsty - Friday, 4th November 2005, 05:48 (GMT)
Hi Lovey,
Glad you got a surprise from the postcard - I was hoping to achieve that reaction! So happy that you are having a good time overseas. Live life to the fullest and be good or be good at it! xx
Ditto my friend! Thanks again. I am eating a bacon sandwich - memories of our Friday mornings!!!
From The Mother - Tuesday, 4th October 2005, 03:10 (GMT)
Hi Ella Babe
Great to see your site - although I read it with fear of what your next antics may be and wonder why you keep telling me! We miss you sooooooooooo... much.
Dad and I went to sea this morning and saw two large pods of whales. They were only 50 - 100 metres away, breaching right out of the water and frolicking amongst themselves. I wasn't frightened, surprisingly, and we plan to go back out tomorrow to the 42 fathom mark - the edge of the continental shelf - and fish for some snapper. I'll take the camera and send photos.
Love you. Hugs and kisses and may you have many days without hangovers so you can remember what you have been up to and record it on this page!!!
Lots of Love, Mum.
Thanks mum. Its cold here and I WANT SEAFOOD! Don't rub it in with your snapper talk. Evil woman. Luv ya - E.
From Oompa Loompa Mumpa! - Thursday, 15th June 2006, 02:28 (GMT)
The photos don't quite show up your fake tan but you can congratulate Annette - she definitely has the orange glow happening! Yes it was mad football on Monday then State of Origin on Wednesday - NSW let Queensland win this time so they can have a play off game. They didn't have to let them win by soooo much but who knows, it will have been a tactical move! And then of course there was the Rugby where the Wallabies slaughtered the Poms!
What would the boys do if it weren't for those little round balls?
Love you longtime.
Glow in the dark legs!
I am going to Brighton this weekend with Rowena and some saffas, so hopefully I will get some natural colour...
Luv ya bumface!
From STACKA - Friday, 14th October 2005, 02:38 (GMT)
Stack!!! Miss you guys heaps! Wish I could bring Cairns with me. Hows the DIY??? Dublin & Edinburgh coming up soon so watch this space!
From Louise - Saturday, 22nd October 2005, 05:57 (GMT)
Best if I refrain from talk about the weather here in Ballina, suffice to say it's absolutely glorious! Saw more whales today - only metres away from the surfers at Sharpes beach. Took Bronny for a run with Ratty - they just love it here.
I'm glad to hear your wrap is a hit, just wait til you receive my next creations! Not sure that you'd wear them in the tube though!!!! I believe a little bird may have already let the cat out of the bag about them.
Can't wait to hear about dinner last night!!!
Good luck with the wicked pay.
hmmm intrigued by next creations...

Brazilian may have spent too much time in Columbia... update to follow.
From Your secret but hott - Friday, 4th November 2005, 11:48 (GMT)
oh you poor girl, geez you do it tough
Ice... you've changed.
From Gem Gem - Monday, 21st August 2006, 04:00 (GMT)
Howdy Howdy, hows things? I have lost my voice as a result of an eventful weekend so i sound like a tranny who's stopped taking my hormone replacements!! Hope Belgium was fun, can't wait till your home. Oh and according to Jared my name is BJ
- Brooke Junior it hasn't stuck!! Have a good one Gem
So BJ huh???!
DO NOT FOLLOW IN MY FOOTSTEPS... i will only lead to trouble!!!
Belgium was great... watch the post...
From Kirsty - Monday, 3rd October 2005, 23:03 (GMT)
f--k you make me laugh! i love your website!!
Oh there is soooo much more to tell - although I may have to start 2 websites... one for the oldies and one for my mates... keep in touch!
From Jamie and Ana - Tuesday, 4th October 2005, 09:58 (GMT)
Hi Brooke ( Ella )... love the site, what a great idea! Look forward to seeing more...
Love Jamie and Ana
Hey guys - miss you heaps. Start planning your trip over here NOW!
Love E.
From April - Thursday, 6th October 2005, 17:18 (GMT)
Hey hey little cuz! Thanks for showing me an awesome time in London and for the best memories at Oktoberfest!!! Had such a blast of a week - and I can't wait til you come over here to check out the night life in Gent - it is INCREDIBLE!! Good luck with the hangovers... haha April xo
INGA!!!! How is my young Frauline? Hit the Slug last night with Chris, Cam & Ben - crazy kids! Saving to visit & paaaarty in Gent ASAP! Luv E.
From nan pa - Wednesday, 18th January 2006, 04:41 (GMT)
Ella Hi,
How about that mugger sorry he took your money but glad he didn't harm you I am typing one hand and so this won't be a long message I had a few little stitches in my left hand to relieve a tendon but all is well and soon will be back to normal makes life interesting Pa has been helping out with difficulty but tries his best. Louise came over to show some pics and tell all about NZ glad to hear no accent we haven't caught up with Gemma so far as she is busy settling in and sorting out seems there is no place like home. Glad your new job is going OK and that you are meeting up with Shaun another one of the travelling grandchildren bye for now this one finger typing is tiring Love Nan & Pa
I hope your hand is healing ok. 1 Finger typing IS painful!!!
Funny that so many of us are travelling this year! I hear that Jessie is travelling OS as well. Might have to catch up with her too if I can!
Love you both very much.
From Joads - Wednesday, 12th October 2005, 05:30 (GMT)
Hey hey spunky chicken...Loving the updates.
I knew you would appreciate my antics more than most...!
From Gem - Saturday, 11th February 2006, 02:37 (GMT)
Hey Big Sis!!
I didn't know i could leave messages here for u!How are you? Mum said u saw my photos, i cant believe i'm on the internet!! I'm not quite sure how i feel about it all yet. Joel Said to say Hi =)
I start TAFE on Monday, can't wait. Well all is well on this side of the planet talk to you soon miss you love gem (It's taking a while to adjust to calling you Ella!)
Your photos look amazing!!! hope you are proud of them! say hi to Joel for me! Good luck with TAFE. Love ya. xx
From Jamie - Thursday, 13th October 2005, 07:27 (GMT)
Hey Ella, hosing some piss lately... shit! keep up the good work! tell my brother i love the moon tan he has going! Money is being slowly saved over here... Love ya
Ronnie!!! All people do over here is drink! Rai just got a tan in Spain - and keeps telling me - bastard! Saving for a visit??? Say hi to Ana 4 me. Luv E.
From Joads - Thursday, 13th October 2005, 23:52 (GMT)
Okay, don't get too settled in. WHEN ARE YOU COMING HOME? I need dates Brookie!
No not coming home EVER!!!! Having waaaay too much fun. Seriously - you should have your 21st here...
From April - Sunday, 18th December 2005, 12:15 (GMT)
Hey there Ulla Bisch ;) Just thought I would leave you a little message in memory of our Oktoberfest adventures!! Going back to Germany reminded me of the cold hamburgers, giant beers, hot Germans in 'leiderhosen'(!) and writing on our arms in permanent black marker... such a good look for the bus trip home!!!! Writing you a real email soon (sorry bout that) and so sad you didn't get a chance to come see Belgium while I was here! Hope things with the Welshman are going good... maybe he will help you stop feeling like you are living in New Zealand! Just jokes ;) enjoy the prawns ('scampi' in Dutch) on Christmas Day - SO jealous!!! Have fun.. like you need to be told.. PROST! 'Inge'
I wish I had of made it to Ghent!!! Oh well - we can meet up for a few steins at the bay when I get back!!! Oh and don't forget the weiners at Oktoberfest! Fab stuff!!! Enjoy the summer, Luv E.
From - Wednesday, 15th February 2006, 01:12 (GMT)
Hi Ella, We have just had a weeks visit from Shaun He is so looking forward to London he was sporting a beard when he was here looking very handsome with his dark beard and big brown eyes but the beard has to go before he leaves for London we did enjoy the time spent with him especially the meals he cooked so hope you two can meet up when he arrives. Jess has sent E mails from Thailand and is looking forward to her time in China not sure about the cold there but she seems prepared for all eventualities. we look forward to news of you from Mum when she has caught up with you by phone and it has been great to have Gemma calling in too we are very lucky that the grandchildren call by also Neil is spending a couple of days with us at the end of the week. Well enough chat for now Lots of love from Nan & Pa
Nan! Aren't you a busy little lady? You have a more eventual social life than me!!! I am homesick for Ballina at the moment. I would love to be there with you all. xx
From Gem - Wednesday, 15th November 2006, 02:46 (GMT)
Hey whats doin? Sounds like your having plenty of fun over there! I have all my assignments due this week and i am struggling to get them done. My mobile has broken but i have my sim card in a mates phone so u can still contact me. I'm still staying with friends but they move in a month so i'm not sure where the wind will take me, but i guess time will tell. I'm debating going to bris next year but i'm just not sure, i'm in limbo at the moment so making any decision is really difficult. I found out i have to work on New years :( my 1st new year as an 18yr old and i can't even do anything, i'm spewin. Well lovie take care, look after that liver, and i miss you heaps, thanks for calling the other night it was really good to speak to u. love u and miss u always Gem oxox
The answer will come to you - one thing I have learnt is IT CAN ALWAYS GET WORSE and probably will before it gets better! Send me an email if you wanna chat more :)
Oh and the liver is evil & must be punished!!! I am trying to get work for NYE as well... money over party - my new philosophy!!! xx
From Joads - Monday, 24th October 2005, 10:29 (GMT)
C'mon more photos!! Oh and I have a surprise for you.... I have found in my couch/ your old couch your silver braclet with the love heart on it, a pair of green beaded earring that are chandellier style and a silver ring that all belong to you! Bizarre I know. I think you are slowing coming back to pieces. Hehehe.
The couch was always fond of my bling...
From Ron - Thursday, 27th October 2005, 10:42 (GMT)
Hello Ella, thanks for the photos.You look wonderful. Good luck with french bank! Mum and I are well, Bronnie is loving his beach and park walks.
He really is an awesome sight at full flight.Dozer and Ratty are also doing well.We have had hot and humid weather conditions all week. Went to sea with Ken on sunday and am still laughing.The ocean was huge and you have to watch out for backless waves.
Ken failed to do this, the boat became airborne and after a rough landing I looked towards where Ken should have been, at the helm. His hands were on the wheel and he was on his knees with a stunned look on his face. I said, "Get up Captain Ken". He replied, "Help"!!!! Bruised knees and a new attitude towards looking for the rogue wave was the outcome. The whales are prolific at present. Not to happy about tiger and bronze whaler sharks taking an interest in us! The whales come so close you feel as if you could stoke them. Big Buggers! I am becoming more proficent with the sonar and sattilite equipment. The lost feeling is not fun when you cannot see land. There are no islands to our east. The next landfall is Chile.
I am happy that life is going well for you. I love you and am proud of you. Keep well and look out for those European -bleep-s
Lots of love Captain Ron.
Sounds like you are having as many adventures as I am! Its cold here now and I wouldn't dream of being out on the ocean... very jealous of the crew. Love you guys and miss you HEAPS!!!
Hope you saw me on TV. Love Brooke Ella
From H&M wanna be - Wednesday, 9th November 2005, 15:11 (GMT)
Oh my - What an insight! Ella Brook Janyne Mary Jenny Dorothy Mackey ur life is hard! just remember while living this hard life in london when ever u feel a harsh dilemma confronting urself just ask "what would Jesus do?"
He would go high maintenance...
From Lauren - Monday, 14th November 2005, 06:39 (GMT)
Hi Brooke (Ella) how are you going
Could you ask Raimond to check his email for me please
How was the Rugby
We were thinking of you.
Sounds like you are having a ball.
We miss you and can't wait for Rai to come home
Weather here is beautiful lots of sunshine and swimming
send me some more photos
love Lauren
Hi Lauren, It was amazing to be at Twickenham!! Rai & I kept laughing cos we can't believe we are here! Shame we lost but don't care - it was fun! Will pass on msg to Rai. I will send photos soon! Love E.
From Ice biaatch - Monday, 14th November 2005, 15:08 (GMT)
So dude, how you feeling today after a heavy weekend? The best night/sunday ever!!
Tired eyes, aching feet, disconnected train of thoughts but loving every flashback!!! Till next time, Boots.