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From ima - Saturday, 7th January 2006, 20:39 (GMT)
keep having fun...
the photos are wonderfull
i like south america....
love you and miss you mucho
Te amo mucho tambien!
From Miki - Sunday, 27th November 2005, 17:24 (GMT)
Hey man , how are you?
I hope you're having fun..
one question , didn't you say that the map wiil show where you are , well it doesn't it show now,well that's it , Just post more pics....
Yeah.. i thought it will show where i am, but it seems like they only have maps for each continent :(
From Lea and David - Sunday, 27th November 2005, 04:09 (GMT)
Shalom Dor,

It was great having you with us despite the chaos that resulted from our packing up for the move. We miss you already and look forward to seeing you this summer.

Did you have an easy time connecting with the young woman with whom you were planning to travel? How were the flights to Sao Paulo and Santiago? How soon do you plan to leave Santiago for the south? What is your next destination.

We eagerly await news from you.

B'ahava v'shalom,

Lea and David
It was great starting the trip at your house. Thank you very much!
From ADAM - Sunday, 27th November 2005, 01:28 (GMT)
Oh yeah, i do know :) Thanks!
From AlonZo - Wednesday, 14th December 2005, 09:05 (GMT)
Well, you made me jealous too, I think I'll pack Amit with me(in the mochila) and we'll join you. I talked with REVAH and we'll be together at the Carnival at SALVADOR-come too. I can't wait to do a trek with you. I'm glad that you're doing fine and having fun and meeting people. your pictures are great,Keep writing!
Please write me about your plans. When are you going to land and where do you want to travel first ? I hope i will be able to meet you somewhere...
From Zully - Friday, 1st September 2006, 03:42 (GMT)
Hey, I just finished taking a look at your pics and they are really cool !! There are a lot of funny ones.
Baruch Hashem you are safe and back haha. I'm afraid now I won't have any excuse for not speaking hebrew =S hehe And you will have no excuse for not speaking Spanish!
Lehitraot =) !
I'm gonna make sure you start speaking hebrew!
From HANTSANTSAINO - Saturday, 3rd December 2005, 11:18 (GMT)
Hi Dorke, wha'ts up?
If u're trying 2 make me jelous, it's working. the pics r great, the views r great - everything!
U remember we talked about "how exactly r we supposed 2 find people 2 travel with on the trip?" well, it looks like u got that figured out fast enough...
have fun!
BTW: if u can, write when is the next time u'll be online, and we'll talk (Messenger, Skype, whatever)
Well, actually i am trying to make you jealous... maybe you´ll decide to come and travel with me! Yalla please bo!!!
About the people to travel with - i had some luck on my first few days but right now i'm alone. I guess it´s not that hard finding someone though...
I will write you an e-mail about when we can talk.... ata chaser li!
From Lea and David - Sunday, 25th December 2005, 18:23 (GMT)
Happy Hanukkah Dear Dor,
We enjoy your postings and the photos! Please keep them coming! After your experience at high elevation you have learned that at that height most of the atmosphere is gone and the sun's uv is not filtered out! We hope that by now your face and lips have recovered. Continue to enjoy your travels. We eagerly await your next postings.

Hag Sameach!

B'ahava u'b'neshikot,
Lea v'David
Yeah, and i learned that they hard way!
Thanks and happy Hanukkah to you too!
From adam - Monday, 2nd January 2006, 14:13 (GMT)
hi doude...
how are u?
great pics... what a body....
how do you keep the girls away?
nice picture of a horse riding a horse.....
miss u...
Thank you thank you! My comments on skype...
From Zully - Tuesday, 22nd November 2005, 03:08 (GMT)
Feliz Viaje!! Practica mucho =)
Muchas gracias!
From ima - Tuesday, 22nd November 2005, 10:06 (GMT)
love and kisses are waiting for you here in your page
i just practice the new ways of communication with you
I miss you!
From noam sever - Wednesday, 23rd November 2005, 18:48 (GMT)
GEVER!! have a great time !!
Thanks :)
From itzhakies - Thursday, 24th November 2005, 20:27 (GMT)
nice pictures it is wonderful we can share with you some "chavayot" we hope there are still many to come
Many more...
From Amit Hantsantsino - Friday, 25th November 2005, 13:59 (GMT)
Hi Dorke!
I'm glad 2 c u arrived in Chile, and more glad u got the time 2 post some photos! Do that again...
Hope your backpack isn't too heavy on u, don't sweat it :)
I'm waiting 4 your "diary" entries...
Meet some Chilian babe already, and have fun!
Thanks Jbeki. I´m having lots of fun... waiting for you!
From shimon biton - Monday, 28th November 2005, 18:15 (GMT)
Hi Dorke...
i've just seen some of the pictures and my eyes is going out of there holes.
Tell me don't you see that this marcelo is a hamas member?! (:
how is your spanish? and have you already try on some muchachas? Enjoy...
You should have seen his brother!
From Ima - Tuesday, 29th November 2005, 08:04 (GMT)
Dear son,
I find myself thinking "if i were a young girl..."
(we can't see pictures of Valparaiso)
I miss you so much !
I miss you too. Now you can see the pictures...
From yo yo yo - Tuesday, 29th November 2005, 13:59 (GMT)
I hope you have fun trip,
you have no idea how much i wanna be there too! well soon i'll get there.
Alon Sade
I'll be so happy when you'll arrive!
From Ima - Monday, 30th January 2006, 01:48 (GMT)
allmost one month that you didn't update your dairy..and your photoes.
I miss it very much!
It really did take me too much time... but finally i did.
From Yaron - Thursday, 1st December 2005, 17:41 (GMT)
Hello there!
i'm so glad to read that you already enjoy, and take stuff easy!
Actually, i was suprised to see that you already moved from santiago, enjoy and "TEMATSE" every place you visit.
Anyhow, i miss you alot and each day my willing to meet you there are growing.
as the others said, post some photos that we all be jealous.
BTW, i'm on my way to Maccabi's game, hope they'll win this one.
miss you,
I am trying to "LEMATSOT" every place... Santiago just didn't have that much things to do in.
I'm glad to hear from you and i miss you too!
Yalla Maccabi!
From nurit - Sunday, 4th December 2005, 21:49 (GMT)
hi dorchuk
its the first time i read all the messages and enjoy it very much .i envy you and kiss you .its late at night so i am short this time .dash mekulam and continue to have such great time.
Thank you. I miss you all... send DASH back to everybody!
From Zully - Monday, 5th December 2005, 21:03 (GMT)
Hola Dor!! Qué padre que estás bien. Diviértete (Have fun) mucho!!
Toda raba!
From adam woolf - Tuesday, 6th December 2005, 21:42 (GMT)
hi brother,
i sow the great pictures....
i see that you met some
ladies... you want to tell me
anyway, good to see you (in the pictures).
keep 'em coming.
take care.
MAZAL TOV!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm going to send you a present in a few days...
Nothing special to tell meanwhile, but i'm enjoying!
Now go make a lot of money and fly here!
From Shai - Monday, 12th December 2005, 18:23 (GMT)
Que Pasa, Jbek !?!
miss you, mi hermano (how's your Spanish, by the way?) !!!
your pic from the puenta del inca, just brought up some good memories... i have the exact same, only in the snow.
but now it's your turn, so take advantege of every second!!!
take care, and don't eat the yellow snow...
Shaike Ha'Mekane
Mi castellano es mierda! God dammet, i thought i would know a lot more by now...
I miss you!
From Ima - Thursday, 15th December 2005, 13:55 (GMT)
Como estas?
I like the penguin!
why didn't you show us pictures with your burned face and lips?
i didn´t show you the pictures so you won´t worry.
From Alon - Thursday, 29th December 2005, 07:54 (GMT)
SHIT man(i almost use worse words) the pictures are great!
about the bridge i hope it wont be your last one(it seems unsteady)
I was glad to hear that even there MACCABI is the champion.
see you, and donít piss the trees- they can be dangerous

hmm... did i understand you wrong or you just said you wish i will go on some more unsteady bridges ? ya efes!