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From Jenny - Sunday, 5th March 2006, 04:03 (GMT)
Hi Deb,

Got message from Laura this mornings. She is feeling much better. Antibiotics are beginning to kick in! She's really looking forward to seeing you! Have a wonderful time in the USA. (Which when it comes to you goes without saying!) Give my love to all at home. Even though I love it here I'd love to be popping in to say hello!

Take care and God Bless

Hi Jenny,

Hows times with you? Thats good to hear Laura is feeling better. Having a lovely time here in a lovely, hot Figi. Going on a cruise to one of the islands tomorrow. I was sunbathing today. My last chance to catch a few rays before I'm homeward bound. Imagine I got 10 bad mosquito bites last night. Typical I haven't had a bite in 6 and a half months and I get one now(they had feasting on you or Camilla so they missed me!) and I'll be going home with marks on my leg.Its only one they attacked too and I'm not complaining! Hopefully the tan will cover them
Talk to you soon missus!
Take care,
luv Deb
From Breege - Sunday, 27th November 2005, 13:29 (GMT)
Hi Deb
Looks like you are having a ball.
Photos are fab looks alot warmer there than here.
keep the good work with the photos
Take care xx
Well Thompson,
How are you my dear? You can only imagine how hot it is!The humidity is the killer. We're a bit like Christy Moore since we got to Cairns.Heading out sunbathing now, our last 2 days so we're as well to make the most of it.Ye I heard it very cold at home. It would be nice to dip into a bit of cold for a few minutes to cool down, only a few minutes mind you. Talk to you soon,
Deb xx
From Richella - Saturday, 17th December 2005, 22:51 (GMT)
Hi Deb
Hope you're well. Judging by the photos im guessing you are!!! They're class! How will you ever settle for the nite life in Belmullet after Sydney? Will you bring a few of those nice tanned Oz men home with you? Have a great Christmas.
Take Care
Richella xx
Hi Richella!
Great hearing from you. O I know I'm having a mighty time.. my poor will be in an awful condition when I get home! Having taking very nicely to champagne out here and I've acquired a taste for wine.. mad into out here so as they say when in Rome.... Will have to put the pics up yet from Sydney. Had a ball while I was there, staying in Coogee going to PJ'S and all the other hot spots there. Have a great Christmas & yourself and Thompson better create some scandal for me. I'll do my best out here!!
See you in the New Year,
luv Deb
From Jenny - Tuesday, 21st February 2006, 02:30 (GMT)
Hi Deb,

I got your texts. Great to hear that you are so well. When am I going to get to see some photos? I am checking everyday. Has dinky di camera stopped working?

Love and God Bless

Your the bad thing picking on my lovely camera! Dinky Di got a little wet last week when I was climbing Franz Joseph but she's tough like her owner and she's bounced back! she may be ancient but not many cameras would bounce back after the soaking she got. I promise I'll put more photos up,I'm gone wicked lazy!More will be coming in the next few days!
Talk to you soon,
From Jenny - Thursday, 1st December 2005, 01:58 (GMT)
Hi Deb,

Ta an site go hiontach! Fair ple duit. Feicfidh me thu in Adelaide!

Well Mulvey!
Ce a bhfuil tu? So far the craic is go hiontach, looking forward to seeing you in Adelaide,
Feicfidh me thu ansin babe,
le gra
From andy corduff - Friday, 25th November 2005, 10:47 (GMT)
well debbie in da college now last day here in sligo liked da pitures and 1 lad here really liked them
Hey Andy,
Hope the exams went well. Still having a great time. Heading down to Adelaide on Thurs for wedding. Will ring you from there,
Talk soon Deb
From Joan Kelly - Friday, 25th November 2005, 16:36 (GMT)
It looks like you are having a ball. Looking at you with all of the animals looks like I'm a Celebrity get me out of here.
The pictures are great - keep them coming.
Talk to you later
Hi ya Joan!
How are times with you in Dublin? Having a mighty time. I can't get over how fast the time is going. The journal you gave me was a great idea, its well filling up already.Keep in touch.
Talk soon,
From ann quinn - Wednesday, 30th November 2005, 11:37 (GMT)
Hi Debbie how are you? Your having a ball happy for you wish i was there. Well done for setting up your own site. The dog or is it a kangaroo left looks just like Bruce.Take care talk soon love Ann x
oh by the way im in the centre and have access to the internet.
Hi Ann,
How are you? Ye i laughed when I saw the dog he's so much like Bruce! He even acted like him too, a mad thing!About time I learnt how to upload photos, I'm an expert at it now.Last day in Cairns, flying onto Adelaide this evening.Still having a ball.
Talk to you soon,
love Deb x
From Sheila T - Thursday, 1st December 2005, 15:15 (GMT)
hi deb. me just ere enjoying the joys of college, assignments and work....ya really dont know what your missing. its great craic. mind you the weather over here is so cold and wet its great. heard yer unfortunate over there with the old sun but sure hopefully it'l get better for ye. (they say reverse psychology works but i dont think so, still jealous). hope all is well with you and Jenny pictures are brilliant.
Talk to you soon
le grá sheila.
Hey Young Thompson,
I hope your not working too hard. No doubt you're getting yourself ready for the party season ahead more so than your exams, no better woman!
Here we are in Adelaide after the great day we had at the wedding yesterday. Feeling a little sensitive today. Weather here has more in common with the Irish weather (lovely one minute, pouring the next). a far cry from the heat in hot tropical Cairns. Still having a mighty time. Caught up with Jenny at the wedding, she's in mighty form. By the way congrats on winning the league, Breege text me in the early hours of the morning telling me.
Talk to you soon,
love Deb
From Caroline Mc - Tuesday, 6th December 2005, 09:45 (GMT)
Hi Deb,

Love the pics, you brought all the memories back to me again. Sounds like your having a ball, love the tan, you must be working on it morning , noon and night. You were brave to hold the snake, I defo passed on that! Well have a great xmas there and we're all very jealous over here.
Take Care, chat soon,
Caz x
Hi Caroline,
How are you keeping? Back in Sydney after travelling the last 6 weeks. Had a brilliant time.Ye the tan is coming on well, heading down to Coogee Beach to do a little more work on it! Its a sweltering 36 degrees today, only place to go is the beach. Have a great Christmas,
See ye soon,
From Camilla - Wednesday, 7th December 2005, 20:51 (GMT)
Hello me old travelling buddy,

Arrived in NZ safe and sound, was great to see my Brother. The kids came and woke me up at 6 this morning, they wanted me to go to school with them, didn't really fancy doing PE today! It's a bit colder here about 25c, bit worried about the tan.
Missing me travelling buddy! Really hope we can catch up in NZ.
Take care
Love Camilla x
Camilla my dear,
Glad to hear you arrived in NZ and caught uo with the family. Still very warm in was 45 degrees here for a spell yesterday. O I'm missing my travelling buddy too.. we'll definitely will catch up in NZ! Will give ye a buzz soon,
Take care,
love Deb x
From Rhona - Friday, 9th December 2005, 03:44 (GMT)
Hey Debbie,
Great to see you are still having a ball. how are the margaritas treating you? U didnt run into the Oz army guys we met in HCMC?? The pics are great, am so jealous of the tan...mine is gone. In NY heading home sat. So its all over now but just for a little while!!
Travel safe.
Rhona xx
Well Rhona,
Great to hear from you!Still having a great time. Back in Sydney for the next couple of days..Had a brilliant time going up the coast.We did a little work alright on the tans. I'm not on the good ole margaritas anymore, they are a little too expensive for a backpacker like myself! some night I'm going to splash out though.It has to be done! No, we didn't meet the nice army boys and I was even in Townsvile but still no sign.Fair play, you've had a great trip. I bet you can't believe its coming to an end.I bet they are all excited at home. You'll have to knock Tullamore dead when you get back!Tell everyone I said hi.Enjoy the rest of your trip and have a great xmas.
Safe journey home,
Debbie x
From Mog - Friday, 9th December 2005, 12:01 (GMT)
Hi Deb

It looks as if you had a brilliant
time at the wedding. Really enjoy looking at the pictures.
Hi Mog!

Ye we had a mighty day at the wedding. It was great craic. Hope you enjoyed your party.Will give you a buzz over the weekend
love Deb
From Gráinne - Friday, 9th December 2005, 12:05 (GMT)
Hi Deb's,
Just seen the photo's from the wedding, girl your looking absolutely fabolous, be careful we don't want an aussie boy sweeping you off your feet and keeping you in Oz. Was up visiting mog and thompson last night on way home from dundalk they're in great form. Tell kathy i said hi. Keep up the good work with the pic's and captions really look forward to seeing what you're getting up to.
Be good,
Love Gráinne
Hey Mac!

Hows d craic?! Forgot to tell I've met the man of my dreams and I'm not coming must come to the wedding in the new year! Not a chance! I'm into the Aussie surfer look at all,they all have long hair that makes them look like Albert Einstein! Heading to a big Irish pub to night in Sydney.. I'll stick to my own!Ye Mog told me you were up alright and that your looking as good as ever.Kathy's in gre you said hello. Grainne you know me.... I'm always good.
Bi go maith,
Deb x
From Caroline Mc - Monday, 12th December 2005, 12:17 (GMT)
Hi Deb's
God your making me more and more jealous by the minute looking at all your fab pics, good thinking getting a website set up, sicken everyone at home. All good here, ready for the festive season, cant wait noe for the break off work. It'll be good and no doubt I'll spend the xmas parting, eating, drinking and sleeping, that'll be about it. How long have you left in Oz, it seems like you have been gone for ages, bet time is flying, When you heading to NZ, you'll love it there and the fellas are much nicer than the Aussie men, you'll see what I mean when you get there. I cried leaving NZ, felt like a second home! Well have a great xmas, any plans yet? Will you be having the turkey on bondi. We spent ours there but there was more drinking done than eating turkey. Think we managed a few turkey sandwiches with the BBQ, had to be done! Well have a great one what ever you get up too and party on for the new year. Take Care, keep the pics coming, lovin them,
Chat soon,
Caz x
Hiya Caz,
Glad to see your getting yourself ready for the sessions you'll be having in Belmullet.Has to be done.Christmas wouldn't be the same without them. The parties & barbies are in full swing out here.Myself and Jenny are heading up to her family for Christmas and we'll be spending the New Year in Brisbane and then driving down the coast to Sydney.We'll be like Thelma & Louise on our road trip! I can't believe how fast the time is going.. i'm gone over 4 months now. I've about 5 weeks left in Oz before I move on to NZ. Ye everyone tells me I'll prefer NZ and all it has to offer, I'll have to check that out for myself!Have a great Christmas, enjjoy the partying and I'll see you in the New Year,
luv Deb x
From - Wednesday, 14th December 2005, 23:02 (GMT)
Hi Debs, just emailed you and have just seen photos, glad to see you are still enjoying yourself, dress looks great so does Jens, god bless Vietnam!! try and behave, difficult I know!! Have a ball, who needs a job anyway!! Jas
Hi Jas, me ole flower!
How are you settling back into life in Tullamore? I bet Ger is glad to have his Shirley Valentine back!!God, it seems so long ago when we were in Vietnam. God Bless our Hoi An creations, I'd have been lost without them,I'd have been dressed in rags only for them!You know me Jas, I'm always good!Haven't had a job yet and if I can swindle it.. i don't want 1 either! Too right who needs one.. I might be chewing my words yet!
Enjoy the xmas, it'll have been a while since you were all under the same roof (now that the wanderers have returned) Best wishes to you all!
luv Deb
From Anne C - Wednesday, 14th December 2005, 23:15 (GMT)
Hiya Deb,
it's cool that you've set up your own site, just saw it for the 1st time tonight! Looks like you are having a great time you lucky thing! Myself & david should be moving into our new house after Christmas can't wait so you'll have to come round for some welcome home drinks if you decide to leave the sun behind at all! (I'd say it would be difficult) Keep the news & the photos coming
Anne C.
Hello Anne,
Well how are you? Mog wa stelling me alright yourself and David bought a house. Congrats to you both. I kept meaning to text you. Its hard to believe its coming up to Christmas..Its 38 degrees today out here, a far cry from the weather back home. I'll definitely have to call around to see the house when I get back and we'll have a few drinkeens! Best of luck with your new home together, have a great Christmas and I'll see you in the New Year,
From deirbhle - Friday, 23rd December 2005, 11:31 (GMT)
Hi Debbie
just a short message to wish you a merry christmas hope you have a great one wherever you are. amanda and i are in Albany in WA fruit picking for a few weeks. i never want to see another strawberry again! were hioing to make enough money to get to darwin fingers crossed we do!! hope to meet you again somewhere along the way if now we'lll see you in belmullet for a pint in a few months!
from Derv
Hi Derv!

Happy Christmas to both of you too! Its a totally different Christmas to what we're used to at home in Belmullet!Fairplay to you for doing the fruit picking, I'd say its awful hard in this heat,you well deserve every penny you get. Myself and Jen are here in Brisbane. Its mad spending Christmas Eve by the pool. Well enjoy the xmas, be good and we'll definitely have to have a few drinks in Belmullet when we get back,
Safe travelling,
From Bairbre - Monday, 26th December 2005, 23:28 (GMT)
Hi Deirbhle
Pictiuir íontach. Áthas orm go bhfuil tú ag baint an méid sin taitneamh as. Bhí ceolchoirm na Nollaig aainn an tseachtain seo caite agus bhí chuile ar an bhfoireann dhiune ag rá rudaí nach raibh go deas fut fein agus Jenny! Bhí Riain agus Stiofán abhaile ó Inis Meain agus bhí siad ag cur do thuairisc! Is brea leo é! Níl aon scéal mór On taobh soe den domhan. Tabhair aire duit féin.
Hi Bairbre,
Ce a bhfuil sibh go leir? Nollag shona daoibh go leir siar ansin san fhuacht!Ta suil agam nach bhfuil sibh ag obair ro-chrua i SCM i mbliana!Bhuel taimid ag fail bais leis an teas amuigh anseo i mBrisbane ach nil muid ag gearan..Ta me ag baint an-taitneamh as mo treimhse ag taisteal..ta se ag dul chomh tapa ni bheith se i bhfad go mbeidh me ag dul abhaile aris. Ni raibh me ag obair ar chor ar bith suas go seo...seo e an saol!!!Bhuel feicfidh me thu am eigin i 2006! Tabhair aire duit fein, maith an bhean!
Slan & Beannacht,
From Dave/ Anne Marie Ham - Friday, 30th December 2005, 21:41 (GMT)
Mickey and Kathlene said you look well in the photos. They like your dress you wore at the wedding. Its girls night out tonight 30th Dec (Kathlene, Jenny, Mary o'Riordan, Anne Marie etc.) Heading for the big city of Belmullet . Just in case you are homesick, it's been pissing cats and donkeys over here!
Hi folks,

Happy New Year to you all.. Not a chance I'd be homesick, having too much of a good time. Weather is a scorcher out here,heading for the pool shortly. I'll be thinking of you all in the cold & rain in Belmullet!!We're heading into Brisbane to night for New Year's Eve. Enjoy your night. All the best for 2006,
Take care,
From Michael - Tuesday, 3rd January 2006, 17:45 (GMT)
Hi Debbie & Jenny,

Glad to see you are still both having a great time. I hope you enjoyed the Christmas and seeing in the new year on the other side of the world? I have still been enjoying the time out life style having been in Ireland working on the house until a few days before the Christmas. I am now back in London planning my first bit of work since Apr 05 - oh no! Anyway continue to have a great time.

Le Gra,

Wee Michael
How are you my ole friend! Fair play that you've still kept up with the life style you got used to while travelling i.e chilling and not doing any real work! I took a leaf out of your book and have pretty much done the same!Had a great Christmas and New Year in Brisbane with Jenny's family. It was strange being out here for Christmas in this heat. Best of luck with the job and everything else London has to offer.
Slan for now,
From Breege - Monday, 9th January 2006, 16:06 (GMT)
Hey Deb
First day back at school done today oh lord and it is soooooooooooooo cold here. Ye are lookin mighty in the photos!!! Well belmullet was mental over the christmas!!!!! heeeeee! Ya missed it!!
Take it easy
Breege xx
Hey Breege,

Yeah, I bet I missed a good one alright in Belmullet....(not).I'll get over it don't you worry!!Well I have to say I hadn't a bad one myself out here in a very sunny, hot and beautiful Australia!! I thought of you all back there freezing your arses off. Never mind at least your back to your beautiful class and a whole term ahead of you!!That'll keep anyone going....Only messing my dear! Good luck, don't work to hard!
I'll give you a buzz one of these fine days,
Take it easy,
love Deb x
From kathy cawley - Monday, 20th March 2006, 00:50 (GMT)
Hi debbie,
Just looking at your pics from Fiji. It looks lovely, I'll have to top up the tan on the way home.This working craic in Melbourne is not on, have only been to the beach once since i got here. Thank god i used my time wisely in Sydney. Well your into your last week now, how time flys when your having fun!! Falmor next stop!
Take care kathy
Hey Kathy,

How are you and Paul keeping. Is it all work and no play for you,yeah right I'm sure your still downing the wine like no mans business. Last week now,I'm as well to make the most of it.
You have Figi and the States to look forward too so all your hard work in Melborne will pay off.
Enjoy and take care
love Debbie
From Jenny - Monday, 6th February 2006, 09:32 (GMT)
Hi Deb & Cam,

Hope you are both well. I know you are bound to be causing mischeif somewhere. Debbie look after my cousin. As you can see from the other day she is very fragile. I have put some interesting photos of you on my website. Enjoy!!

Hi Jenny,
How are you my dear? Well done girl,you've really got the ball rolling in Sydney! So far New Zealand has been great. Scenery is something else!You know us, We never get up to any mischief,maybe that brat of a cousin of yours will,Miss Fragile herself!That girl needs no looking after,believe me!!Best of luck with college and talk to you soon,
love Deb

From Caroline - Monday, 20th February 2006, 15:10 (GMT)
Hi Deb,

Well whats the sca with you, hope all is well and your still having a ball, no doubt you are. No news here, all is good. Dying for Paddy's weekend for the big sesh, where are you planning to be by then, you must have nearly everywhere covered by now. Its so cold here a the mo, wouldnt mind a bit of sun, but cnat see that happening anytime soon.
Well take care and have a blast where ever you are.
Luv Caz x
Hi ye!

Hows life treating you young lady? Still having a ball. In NZ at the moment on the North Island. The South was just beautiful. Heading to Lake Taupo tomorrow where I'm thinking of doin a skydive!Its onto Figi in 2 weeks and then the States. Will be in Las Vegas for Paddy's Day so thats definitely going to be different.
Only 5 weeks left, it'll kill me going home.Don't worry I'll enjoy them to the full just like the last 6 months.
See you soon back in the bright lights of Belmullet,enjoy your Paddy's day session!
Mind yourself,
love Deb