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From Mum - Wednesday, 1st November 2006, 04:49 (GMT)
This is a fantastic page, i hope u get plenty of chances to keep it updated. sad to say goodbye today but so glad for you both, what an adventure. hope the flight went well.
love to you both.
Thanks mum. We are in Taipei with a couple of hours to kill. Looking forward to getting off the plane in LA!
From sharon - Sunday, 1st January 2006, 09:06 (GMT)
hello happy new year to all, xavier had a lovely birthday thanks for the well wishes , we got your text. sounds like you are having a fantastic time thinking of you, give a thumbs up to the orangutangs soooo cute and a banana too... hehehhehe yeah i am sooo funny
From Irene - Tuesday, 27th December 2005, 21:42 (GMT)
Thanks guys and Happy New Year to you. We sold the shop on C'mas eve and are just back from 3 days up the Howqua so all is well here. I'll show all your news to the olds. Take care of yourselves.
From aunty Bub - Thursday, 14th December 2006, 04:51 (GMT)
Los, just lookiong at your photos, look great. Hope you two are well!!! We are trying to get organized for X-Mas, not getting very far though. All is good here, had your Mum for the week-end, she was good. Love to you both, Aunty Bub. xxxxxxxxxx
Hey! Glad to hear you are enjoying the photos. We have not been able to get to the internet much lately but it should get easier from here.

I hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year. We will be thinking of you all back home.

From Trene - Tuesday, 3rd January 2006, 22:46 (GMT)
Stevie stevie you lil rippa!
Wow, holy crap you get around
Happy new year looks like your having a ball
Take care
Love Trene
From dan - Wednesday, 21st March 2007, 03:05 (GMT)
Oh yeah- happy birthday Stevie Wonder!!! XXOO
Oh yeah- happy birthday Danni & Abbey!!! XXOO
From Nan & Mick - Wednesday, 13th December 2006, 03:55 (GMT)
Yes Lauren I will make you an orange cake when you come home. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Lots of love from nan & Mick
Excellent! We would both love a bit of home cooking right about now! Glad to hear you got the postcard, sorry it took so long. There should be another couple on the way...
From Ana - Wednesday, 13th December 2006, 02:10 (GMT)
Hey hey

Sounds like you are having a ball. Im jealous. I wish I was back overseas.

Anyway, hope you guys have an awesome Christmas and New Year.
Lauren - do you have a new email address? or is this it?

Hey thanks for the message - just sent you my email address so you can contact me on that too.

Hopefully you will fit in another trip to Europe while we are there - it would be great to have you visit.

Take care, stay safe and don't work too hard :)
From Hallie - Friday, 29th June 2007, 03:17 (GMT)
Hi Steve,
Hallie here, just looking at pics of your travels,how jealous i am. hope you enjoy the photos of the wedding. :) xx
Yep, still going along nicely here. Got the pics... everyone looked lovely. Happy birthday Jess!
From Nan & Mick - Thursday, 19th April 2007, 05:58 (GMT)
Hello Steve, Lauren & Gary, Trust you are all well, we received all your cards, thank you. We have settled in well in our new place, very happy. You sure have been getting around. We loved the place with the historic buildings and cobblestone streets, how beautiful it all is. PS I will always miss you Steve. Love from us both
We are still going great. Granada was a really beautiful place. We are in another similar city now in Colombia - Cartagena. More cards on the way. We will make it back home one day!
From Swampy - Wednesday, 14th March 2007, 03:07 (GMT)
Happy Birthday Steve. Hope you had a tops birthday somewhere in the middle of Honduras and that you celebrated the quarter century in style.

Keep safe.

PS. I hope you got that new underwear I sent you (T said you were starting to smell a bit).
Thanks matey. Celebrated the birthday by falling out of a raft, several times in fact. Certainly one to remember. New underwear... what are you talking about? I don't even wear underwear...
From - Saturday, 13th January 2007, 03:38 (GMT)
Thanks for the cards and Happy New Year to you both. Love from Nan
Thanks Nan & Mick; was beginning to wonder if the Belizean postal system had let me down! Will send another soon from Guatemala. Happy New Year to you both as well.
From Stats - Thursday, 12th October 2006, 07:27 (GMT)
Adios Loz and TBook,
You've made a huge impression in Canberra over the last 2 and a half years.

Happy trails and see you in London in 2008!
Cheers Statsquatch! Will have some floorspace ready to go for you (and Pip?).
From TBone - Tuesday, 12th December 2006, 01:43 (GMT)
OK OK, so the important thing is I got it back. I lost your ball bro, but a week later its back in my hot little hands. I think we're all a little richer from the experience. See you in about a fortnight kids!
What what what??? I trusted my baby with you and you lost it already? Better not have been bounced on the concrete...
From swampy - Tuesday, 30th January 2007, 02:54 (GMT)
Damn, blocked by ContentKeeper. Following the blog, I was keen to check out T's other artistic talents.

Glad to hear you guys didn't fall down into Tajamulco.

Happy travels
Bangbus blocked? Fancy that! I am impressed that you at least tried it. T is a man of many talents - just the other day while in DC, he was mistaken for an african-american model. Can't quite work that one out.
From Kim - Wednesday, 18th October 2006, 09:30 (GMT)
You are a boofhead. Hope you both have fantastic travels and remember to be safe!!
Lots of love,
Kim, Leigh and your goddaughter, Charlotte xxx
From stephen Hodgkin - Tuesday, 24th October 2006, 04:20 (GMT)
First of Div 2 trials last night we have 13 to choose from with some very talented juniors. You would have been a shoe in. Rules change next season after this one to make Div 2 a junior comp only 2 senior (over 23)players per team. So it will be a very different deal. A 1 men demoted to A2 which is now what A res was. next season will be very strong A1 from all the old hands coming from Div 2 (brindabella etc). happy trails. talk soon
A shoe in in Div 2? If I had of stuck around I would have been expecting a game in Div 1!!! Thanks for the update... will certainly miss the basketball. Keep me updated as the season goes.
From David Ellis - Tuesday, 27th February 2007, 02:22 (GMT)
Hi Loz and Steve, Good to read up on your adventures, glad to hear that you're packing something cultural into your travels. When do you arrive in London? There's a chance that Katie, the little chickens and I might head to London for a while soonish. We can get a photo in front of the millenium wheel in our matching 'wonders will never cease...' t-shirts. Asta la vista, D
Planning on getting there early July. Would be really great with this coincides with your plans. Be sure to pack your t-shirt!
From TBone - Monday, 30th October 2006, 13:03 (GMT)
Yo dude- how freaky is this- my haircut/shave ratio is the exact mirror of yours! 15 days without a haircut and 154 no shave!
Awww dude... don't underestimate your facial hair - I hear it's very big in Japan.
From Danni - Tuesday, 31st October 2006, 09:06 (GMT)
Hey guys!!
Well I just tried to call both of you to say good luck on your big trip but I couldnt get through to either. Good luck anyway- have a great time and be safe!! Glad you had a good time in Qld- looked bloody beautiful! Keep in touch over the net, (when you can get to it). Will keep an eye on your mother Lauz, or she will on us, one or the other!! Keep out of wet t-shirt comps, and I mean you Steve! Have a ball!! Love you both lots!! Love Dan. XOXOXOOX
Think we ended up chatting. Can't guarantee there will no wet t-shirt competitions - depends how tight the money situation gets. Take care, don't work too hard.
From Abbey - Wednesday, 1st November 2006, 21:05 (GMT)
Hey guys!! So cool you are blogging away now! Ill be a regular reader if you are a regular blogger!!! Love the photos too. Big big kisses to Lozza - cant believe I wont be seeing you both when Im home! But, will see you in the New Year when we are all happily (?) in the UK. ;)
Gotta go. Will stay in touch and be online.
Look forward to seeing you in the New Year. Hopefully we can do some travelling together before you head back to Oz.
From Aunty Bub - Saturday, 6th January 2007, 01:07 (GMT)
Hi there, good to here you ar e alive and kicking and having a ball. Heard there was some un-rest over there, hope you aren't near it. Seems like you are on another planet, your pic's are great, and who is the comedy writer, should write a book I think. Love to both, Deanne. xxxxxxxx
The only unrest we are near is a couple of dogs who bark at us every time we leave our hostel. Glad someone is appreciating my humour. Am always open to discussing the possibility of a book deal - just contact my agent.
From sharon and kids - Wednesday, 8th November 2006, 05:56 (GMT)
hi there, glad to hear you arrived safely in LA, hope you had a ball playing at disneyland with the not so big kids and the bigger ones. keep in touch lots of loves and mooches, will send photos of my builder and Dr. hope to god it pays off, we need some tradies in the family xx the hoopers
Thanks, got the pics - they were very cute. We did have an awesome time at Disneyland. Start saving to bring the kids over!
From TBone - Friday, 12th January 2007, 02:53 (GMT)
How classic is this- this is from an email from my dad: "The photos you sent were great, but I didn't
need a picture of coffee beans (1 meg) the ones of you playing bball are good and the volcano frightened your mum." Gold!
Ha! I was thinking exactly the same thing about that coffee photo... Just kidding. As expected, I don't think your mum would have approved of much of your week in Guantanamo Bay. Just waiting on those blog site hits now...
From danski - Wednesday, 21st March 2007, 03:04 (GMT)
Love the shots people!! Especially the one of you Lozza in the windowsill on sunset!!! Sounds like you are going well (apart from the highjacks etc!!)
I am at your mum's and giving her a headache coz I keep washing her black pants in the machine!! (fussy woman!) But she likes to do things properly hey? But, all is well. I covered up the fact that I spilt wax on her tablecloth, and sometimes run naked from the bathroom to the bedroom, by cooking as much as I can for her (which she loves and then everything is forgiven). Also, Shaun is a bit of a gormet chef so he is in the good books (and he lifts big heavy stuff around for her). So it doesnt work out too bad for either of us! But will have to move out soon and stop bludgin off your ma. I even did a budget last night so I can save up money for bond etc. Anyway, other news is Marie is very unwell and at death's door. She is actually too well to be dying though and it is awful to say the least when she is in pain. We will see what progresses over the next few days. Mum and Dad and Brian are good- they are keeping together and supporting each other. Caz's wedding is coming up which everyone is very excited about. All the others are good so I've heard. Ab and Rob coming for 2 weeks, CANNOT WAIT to see them again!! Miss you guys, Love you lots. Love dan. XOXOOX
ps- sorry this turned out like an essay!!!
Hey cous, thanks for the essay! At least I can count on you and your fam to send messages! Others are not so reliable :)

Glad to hear that you are taking care of my mum! She needs taking care of without me there :) All is good over here - having a great time. Will be in Nicuragua for another week before heading the Costa Rica. From there it is to South America. We are really picking up the pase as I dont really want to be here much past the start of July.

I am really sorry to hear about Marie but relieved to hear that your parents and Brian are holding up OK. Send them all my love!

Anyway, almost out of time. Take care of yourself, my mum and your fam.

Love you loads