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From Carlos y María - Sunday, 29th January 2006, 23:51 (GMT)
Hi dear new friends (this is all my english)
Un gusto haberlos conocido. Gracias por haber puesto nuestra fotografia en vuestro interesante diario. Tal vez volvamos a encontrarnos, será un verdadero placer.
Hola Carlos y Maria,

Da las gracias para anunciar un mensaje en nuestro sitio web. Parece mucho tiempo desde que estábamos en San Martin. Mañana visitamos la selva en Bolivia durante cinco días tan esto debe estar emocionando. ¡Mantenga mirando el sitio web y espera que usted lo goce!

Love Ian & Marge xx
(¡Los estafadores que utilizaron un sitio web libre de la traducción para escribir este mensaje! )
From Tina - Sunday, 19th February 2006, 22:19 (GMT)
what is this Bolivia story? you;ve done a good job of getting mum in a worry...dangling the carot infront of her nose. anyway it cant be life threatening as we have just got your message for Paul wishing him happy birthday. off for a week now so i'm off to think what i will do with my time...take care and try to put more pics up as soon as you can xxxxxx
Hi Tina
thanks for the message. Were you out last night when we left the message, where did you go ? I also left a message on whiteys mobile. We will put the piccies up as soon as we can, just having a couple of technical difficulties at this end. Enjoy your rest.
e and m xxx
From Al - Friday, 24th March 2006, 08:39 (GMT)
Loved the latest pictures, and have to agree with you Marge, Jesus is a looker. Not quite sure but suspect we'll both go to hell now......
On a lighter note, am extremely jealous of your tan, but where's Ian's?
Hi Al,

God weird I had a dream about you and Dave last night, then I come down here and find an email from you, very strange!
Glad that I have another fellow Jesus statue fancier!!
Don't worry my tan has really faded now, we have only a short time now to get me black again!!
Hope hopalong is getting better.
love me and ian x
From Percy - Friday, 24th March 2006, 07:56 (GMT)
Marg - more bikini pictures please!
She certainly will not, next time you see her she will be dressed like a nun!

From Richard & Debbie - Saturday, 18th February 2006, 03:05 (GMT)

Not sure why your complaining about the rain, at least it's warm - not like the stuff you get in Buxton. Don't mention howler monkeys to Debbie, she hates them - she didn't get any sleep when we were there - they live up to their name especially at 3am in the morning (not surprising their endangered). Pictures are brilliant especially Machupicchu, that was next on our list pre-kids unless your offer to house sit extends to looking after our two for a couple of weeks?. Nothing personal, but think I prefer Ian unshaved (pics of Lake Titicaca 2). Did you kow that the Bolivian Navy train on Lake Titicaca - why is this funny, Bolivia has no coastline.

Love Richard & Debbie.
Hello there,

No more rain for us, we are in Salta, northern Argentina now where it is lovely and hot, very beautiful place. Yeah I know what you mean about the howler monkeys, they were sooo bloody loud when we were in the jungle. We have loads and loads more pics of Machupicchu, we will bore you with them when we come home!
You will be pleased to hear that Ian has been shaved now for two weeks but we haven't put the pictures up yet.
Bolivians used to have a coastline but the chileans stole it off them, the countries haven't been friends since. We hate Bolivia!!

Love marge and ian xx
From Percy - Saturday, 24th December 2005, 08:03 (GMT)
This is like a soap opera! I check this site every day - a thoroughly good read..

Have a great Xmas day. Love Daren & Sarah xx
Hiya Perc,

Glad you like the site, sorry we haven´t updated it for ages, you might even be treated to some photos in the next few days and an update of course. Happy New Year.
love us xx
From marmy - Sunday, 19th February 2006, 15:31 (GMT)
very worried about the forthcoming tale about bolivia -must be bad if you are not telling us until you have left !!!! no wonder you liked the monkeys - as you and ian are their relatives!!!!!!you a red howeler and ian a common yellow monkey !!!! am taking granny to wales on wednesay and thursday with tina - i have given your web site address to uncle tony and uncle ted and and they say they will post a message - take extra care now - ian look after my child !!!!
We are now safely back in the lovely Argentina, so we will post our Bolivia tale very soon. We are in a lovely lovely town called Salta in the north, really hot, beautiful colonial city, clean and friendly, with fantastic food and drink. Yeah the monkeys were fantastic. Have a lovely time in Wales and give granny a big hug from us both and tell her we miss her.
Lots of love me and e x
From marmy - Sunday, 19th February 2006, 15:32 (GMT)
ps - this diary will be good enough to publish - it is getting very literary and knowledgeable !!!!
why thank you dear mother!
From Ruairi & Maria - Monday, 16th January 2006, 09:01 (GMT)
Happy new year to the two of you. Looks like you are having a ball and no surprises you are still drinking the cheapo wine!!!No doubt Ian will have heard Man Utd got beaten 3-1 by city and the pool beat spurs, we are one point behind with 2 games in hand! Going to the Pool vs Utd on sunday and hopefully it will be a better result than the last time Ian and I watched the football together (and yes my shoulder is still f*$%ed!! Maria sends her love
Take Care
Hi Rauri
thanks for the messaged. It is always nice toget a message from home. Yep, I am keeping tabs on what the boys are doing because I bought an e-season ticket before I left. I can watch all the prem games online. Really jealous about you going to the game but I cannot complain. I am only online now because I am goinf rafting and one of the guy is late. It is a grade 5, which is really tough. It has a 7m drop at the end !!!! I am cacking my pants. Marge is in bed with a hangover as we were out with some English people in a locals bar til 4.00am. NIce one.
Take care and love to the family. Ian
From Natalie - Tuesday, 20th December 2005, 08:10 (GMT)
Hi Guys,

Wishing you a fantastic Xmas and will be looking at this regularly, what a good idea. Have loads of fun and be safe.

Lots of love
Hiya hun,

Hows the wedding plans going is it driving you completely bonkers yet? Don´t worry it will ALL be worth it believe me. You have a lovely Christmas too but keep emailing.
love and kisses
Margie xxxxx
From ruairi - Tuesday, 20th December 2005, 08:39 (GMT)
Hi you two,
sorry I did not get to say goodbye but have a great time and try not to enjoy yourselfs too much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Take care and I will follow your expedition with interest!
Hello Mr McCafferty,
Hows the arm, healed completely yet?? I had a bit of a funny turn before I left for my travels but I will explain when I see you as I am far too embarrassed to have it posted onto my website! Hope that all is well with you and especially Maria. Take care
margharita and juan xxxx
From marmy - Tuesday, 20th December 2005, 09:26 (GMT)
got your e mails- isnt modern technology wonderful- cats ok house ok fishes ok but live in fear of their lives !!!!! we are actually happy to be back from our cruise.speak to you on christmas day - doris e mail correct - patrick will ring them over christmas - address is 1420 king street, La Crosse , Wisconsin, 54601 USA - be good and be careful - lots of live mum and patrick and animals - what is ians parents address xxxxxxxxxxx
Hi marmy,

Yes modern technology is fantastic its just your daughter that hasn´t quite caught up with how to use it yet! I failed to bring the cd that I need to install in order to upload my pics I am waiting for sos to send it out then I can upload away. Speak to you on Christmas Day. Look after my pets. Ian´s mums add:
36 Prestbury Avenue, Prenton, Birkenhead, CH43 OUG
loads of love Margharita and Juan xxxx
From Rachel Bozier - Tuesday, 20th December 2005, 10:01 (GMT)
Hi Guys
Glad to hear you both arrived safely, hope you are using plety of high factor sunscreen!
Had scan last week, Kermit has grown legs and arms, thank god!! Have a fantastic Christmas, Have fun, and take care, Love Rachxx
Hi sweetie, was just going to email you today to find out how your little armless baby is. glad that you can now see some limbs it all helps for when they little bambino comes out! Have you booked your holiday yet, decided where you´re going? The weather here is not very good at the moment, I will tell you more when I get round to writing my diary!
Take care of yourself and Kermy.
Loads of love and kisses
margie xxx
From christina - Thursday, 22nd December 2005, 23:30 (GMT)
this is a cool idea. ill be checking regularly to see if you update it take care prakatan xxxxx
I have now finally posted something to the site, hope you´re not too stressed about Christmas, enjoy yourself and speak to you on Christmas Day.
Love MP xxx
From Natalie - Friday, 23rd December 2005, 21:48 (GMT)
Wedding plans OK, everyone in my family is on a diet, met with a surgeon on Wed will tell you more when you are back. I'm OK about it have asked them to hold fire until after the wedding.... I love your diary you do make me laugh, you should sell this as a book when you get back! Hope you are enjoying it hun, be safe and take care. Missing you both... lots of love Natty xxxx
Thats exactly how my family were, all of us on a diet, I think that I was the one making the most effort though!! Suffice to say it was all a complete waste of time now because I am once again a big fat blob!
Don´t get too stressed out with everything.
love and kisses
margie xx
From marmy - Saturday, 24th December 2005, 18:45 (GMT)
just writing this on christmas eve - going to gary and lynn for a few drinks - all presnets wrapped up- turkey ( the mother of all turneys) in the oven - a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with three pheasants and three partridges - cost a bomb and only five of us to eat it - i will save some until you return - hope you are fine - i can see that i will have to take some time out to read your diary as it appears you are going to be writing lots - speak to you on christmas day lots og love marmy xxxxxx
Hi marmy,
Glad you all had a nice Christmas meal. We will be updating the website very shortly and this time hopefully complete with pictures of which I have loads already.

We are ok though just thought I´d let you know.
love and kisses me xx
From marmy - Friday, 30th December 2005, 21:53 (GMT)
just read your dairy again but it seems you have done nothing since the 23rd - we had a good time at tina and pauls - we will send you a photo may be - sick of turkey - got some nice presents - tinas house is now lovely and we had a very comfortable night there - king size bed !!! need ians mums telephone number as i did not send a christmas card and will ring them instead - look after yourselves - keep safe - do not speak to strangers !!!! especially with big moustaches - keep using the spanish . lots of love marmy xxxxxxxxaka marmy in law !!!!
See above message x
From Clare and Mick - Monday, 2nd January 2006, 17:33 (GMT)
Hola Gypo and Ian,

Happy New Year to you both.

The site is a great idea, please keep it up. Sounds like you're having a great time.

Take care,
Clare and Mick
Hi you two, Happy New Year.
Will keep the site updated once we are somewhere where I have a good few hours to write my diary and upload photies.

love margie and ian xxx
From Granny - Tuesday, 3rd January 2006, 17:07 (GMT)
happy new year. hope you're having and nice holiday and the weather stays nice. see you when you come back lots of love granny.
written by tina at her house!!!
Hi Grinny,

You will obviously have to get this message when you go to Tina´s but thank you very much for our little christmas message it was very nice to hear your voice. We are having a lovely time and meeting some nice people. The weather is very unpredicable but still a lot better than home!
love and kisses margaret and ian xxx
From mark - Wednesday, 4th January 2006, 11:10 (GMT)
I notice its already started.......

First it was Ian & its Marg & Ian....then Marg and huby....eventually it will be Marg and is he still alive.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Mark, Tina & Clan.
Hiya Marky mark and Tina, Happy New Year to you all. I have absolutely no idea what you mean about "its started already"!

Will update the website soon.

love marge and ian xxx
From Percy - Sunday, 8th January 2006, 14:52 (GMT)
Photos are up! Photos are up!
Yeay, I am putting more up as we speak and updating the diary
From tina and mum - Sunday, 8th January 2006, 16:10 (GMT)
just seen your pics and it is molly's cousin!! were making a presetation for mum's WI meeting at the mo. how sad! anyway like the pics keep them coming and mum wants a proper reply by the way! not just read above message. how rude. xxxxx ps mum says she's got her ring...
I am currently putting on all of our pics to date and updating the diary I think what I am doing sounds a bit more interesting!! I will send you all a personal email once I have update the site properly today, which will take me about another 2 hours or so!
Love me xxx
From Natalie - Wednesday, 11th January 2006, 15:25 (GMT)
Happy New Year guys, drinking a cuppa whilst checking out your photo's. Just gonna read through your diary entries now, enjoy yourselves be safe. Lots of love Natty x
Hi Natty, nice to hear from you as we are a little down at the moments. Cannot seem to find anywhere decent to stay and we cannot get a bus for 4 days !ooops. Ian
From paul - Thursday, 12th January 2006, 18:56 (GMT)
Howz the rockstars doing doing these days? Wicked driveshaft shirt bud. I have a request for ya both, don't hurry home cause im saving loads of cash......mainly cause im 13 days off the drink. But thats not the reason why im saving money, cause im still buying beer for the fridge. Can you get me a picture of a guy on a donkey with a big moustashe . By the way you guys will come back to buxton a legend.......i've been to some kick ass parties at your house!!!!!!!
Hey Pauley,

You won´t see the driveshaft t-shirt out for a while as whenever Ian wears it he gets mobbed by screaming fans, it doesn´t help that he now has the designer stubble beard to match just like Charlie! Ian says he will put his beer-ritz order in a week or so before we come home, whenever that may be..We will try our best to find a picture of a guy on a donkey with a moustache, but if not would one of Ian on a horse with a beard do?!
love marge and e xx
p.s. we knew about the parties as Tom emailed us telling us how good they were - Bastardo!
From marmy - Friday, 13th January 2006, 15:54 (GMT)
seen some of your photos in the library in fishguard very good so far - the jersey cows are not jersey cows they are friesians !!! jersey cows are brown - silly billy - hope you are careful - you seem to be having a lovely time out there - makes wales seem a little tame really but we have to make do and mend I suppose - will write again when we are home and can have a look at all the photos properly - what country are you in now , still in argentina - take care love you lots xxxxxxxxx
Hi Marmy-in-law,
ít´s my fault about the cows. I don´t know a jersey cow from a liverpool jersey. I am looking after you daughter, although she is moaning about the camping a bit. It´s the damn moths you know, they have followed her all the way to Argentina! Had a disaster a couple if days ago when the ipod bust, caput! No more spanish lessons for me, I will just have to read my book which will not be half as good. Anyway, I am being nudged by Margie now so I will hand over to her.........hope you are enjoing wales....Ian......Mum I am not winging about camping AT ALL, Ian is exaggerating, little shite! Anyway hope you are keeping your grandchildren´s retreat spick and span as we are really looking forward to going in July - Yay. We are off to a place called Pucon finally in Chile tomorrow, so we will email from there. Have nice hols.
love and loads of kisses me and e xxx