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From Denise - Thursday, 5th November 2009, 17:57 (GMT)
You found the right pair then? You will have to post some pics xx
Of course. That glasses quest turned out to be a lot of fun! But you both persuaded me that spending more money IS worth it.
From Bridget - Saturday, 7th January 2006, 20:28 (GMT)
Nick's birthday is Monday 9th!
That's . . . . tomorrow!!!
From Sass - Monday, 13th May 2013, 08:06 (GMT)
Hi John, im just back from Dubai and I bumped into .. Ricardo and Javier !!!! who send love!:) random to meet them.
Sending love from Brighton
Love Sass x
Great! Love to you too xx
From Mary - Saturday, 11th May 2013, 16:13 (GMT)
Hey John - where are you and HOW are you??? Long time no hear and getting a bit worried... xxx
Hi Mary . I'm OK - VERY sleepy!
From Jo C - Wednesday, 17th November 2010, 12:20 (GMT)
The photos of F1 look great John but I swear the cars look like matchbox cars straight out of the box!
They do! The ground-level view is much better. For fun I did a photomontage with Jensen Button racing against a Scalectrix car - and it proves your point. It's there - on Facebook. See if you can spot it!
Nice to hear from you again, Jo - and to see that you're still reading this tripe!
Hugs - Jx
From Oliver Tuvilla - Monday, 6th May 2013, 18:42 (GMT)
Hi John,

how are you doing boss? Wishing and praying for your full recovery.

Thanks, Oliver! Much appreciated!!!
From Mary - Monday, 6th May 2013, 08:15 (GMT)
Hey John - how are you doing?? Long time no hear. Hope you're OK.... xxxx
Hi Phil - no link on here (designed to protect your privacy, probably), so will check e-mails. Love and hugs xx
From Oliver Tuvilla - Monday, 6th May 2013, 18:42 (GMT)
Hi John,

how are you doing boss? Wishing and praying for your full recovery.

Hi Oliver!! Thanks for the good wishes - very good to hear from you
From Jo - Tuesday, 18th July 2006, 05:00 (GMT)
Hi John,
Too funny. I never imagined that the women wearing arbayas might have hangovers... The arbaya has to be good for something I suppose. Why black? or have you answered that question already? Surely, it's the hottest colour to wear. I'd go with the Bedouin blue myself..

I'm glad to read things are sorting themselves out over there in Dubai and hopefully in the UK also.
x Jo
Not sure why black. Good contrast with the white the blokes wear, I guess? These guys are Bedouin. Hmmm
From Izzy - Wednesday, 24th April 2013, 01:27 (GMT)
Thank you John for a glorious day down South. See you soon. Love and hugs XXX
Yes, it was fabulous. Hugs!!!
From James S - Tuesday, 23rd April 2013, 11:15 (GMT)
Hi John
it looks like I am going to be able to get down to see you on Monday 13th May. Does that suit? I imagine it will be early afternoon if that is OK with you.
Incidentally, you may like to know that I quit the band. Long boring story I will tell you about over a cuppa. See you soon
That date sounds perfect, Mr J. Looking forward to it! Yep, I heard you quit (news like that travels fast!), and was looking forward to the full story in due course. Good luck to you and your intended!
From Jo - Thursday, 24th August 2006, 04:13 (GMT)
Hi John,
Please give my best wishes to Sally. Strange that I should be just talking to my grandparents today about my uncle who is soon to have his spleen removed. I hope her op goes smoothly. I also hope you get paid! Who'd open a business in Dubai, eh? It sounds like a never-ending drama!
x Jo
Hi Jo, and thanks for the thoughts. Never a dull moment! Love your dating tales - keep them up!
From Nick - Sunday, 5th February 2006, 04:27 (GMT)
"The Great crane question"
I have come to the conclusion that cranes are nocturnal creatures and do there growing whilst us humans are resting in our beds. I suggest we set up a "concealed" video camera over night in a suspected crane area and hope we catch one of these creatures "doing what they do" - our findings could then be placed on your site John - and played at high speed - like the opening of a flower - very David Bellamy-esque
Good plan, Nicholas. And my new flat might be just the place? And maybe a webcam for our regular vistors?
From Evi - Saturday, 20th April 2013, 03:26 (GMT)
Hi John. How are you? Hope treatment and recovery are going well. It's a beautiful Saturday morning here in Bali and you crossed my mind :). I want to thank you once again for the opportunity you have given me in Abu Dhabi. If it wasn't because of you, I wouldn't be learning what I learnt in Cracknell and experienced another 4 good year in Abu Dhabi. All that learning and experience have become very useful in where I am now. So THANK YOU John! :) And know that you are one of few people that have special place in my heart :) Evi
And you'll always be special for me too, Evi! xxx
From roger - Sunday, 18th December 2005, 18:22 (GMT)
john. this sounds like you. hope you have a great time. will you be back? may the weather be calm as you sail up your heavenly stream...let there be love. nice chords.
Roj x x
I'm back for 10 days in april, and then hopefully 3 or 4 times a year - but the contract is for 2.5 years renewable. This is a nice way of doing that diary you always said I should keep. Love to Trish and the family - and Happy Christmas!!

From Annemiek - Sunday, 19th February 2006, 18:04 (GMT)
Sorry to hear the mysery continues for Mathew, Sally and the girls. Please give them my best. Sending good thoughts and warm wishes.

Thanks. I'm hoping he'll log on this week and receive all these good wishes. I wish I could be there.
From aboodi - Saturday, 17th December 2005, 16:38 (GMT)
great, john, funny, human and evocative.

nice to see the word 'pellucid' featured, too.
Thanks, Aboodi - nice to know you're keeping track of my movements!

From Kath Jacqui Sevanti - Sunday, 25th December 2005, 19:06 (GMT)
Hi John
Merry Christmas from us all in Sevenoaks. We are all here today together its great! One place at the table is empty though -

Love your blog. Great photos Keep em coming and have a wicked new year celebration.

Big LOVE xx Everyone xx
The girls! Wish you were all here! but have a really good New Year's party - I'll be at Silver Sands with a mekong-coke bucket . . .
From si - Monday, 9th January 2006, 00:35 (GMT)

Will look out for you on skype next couple of days. Not much news here, starting to look for serious work. Hope you well, look forward to talking soon,
Kali Nichta.
And we were talking sooner than you thought! Really great to see you, Si, and thanks so much for letting me use the room with the wonderful bed!
From Dan - Thursday, 19th January 2006, 04:21 (GMT)
Wow! Last time I looked there was only one story on there John! You've been busy!

That restaurant in Ao Wong Duran lloks beautiful - could definately see something like that going down a storm in Dubai, like you say.

I'll check back more regularly in future so I don't have so much to read, although it's a good excuse not to work for half an hour!!

Take care
Dan x
Good boy! Have you seen my interior design (and web-design) work on Lotsa lurve

Uncle John
From Aboodi (the pedant) - Sunday, 22nd January 2006, 04:20 (GMT)
Ibn? It's not really a name as such, it's Arabic for "son of", so your kids would be known as Ibn John.
I just love this international thing. Thank, Aboodi.

Love and hugs
From Si - Monday, 12th December 2005, 14:17 (GMT)
Hi there! Great fotos John. I can't wait to see Dubai. We are all still missing you here in the angel house. I will post some fotos soon of your bed which is progressing well after I bought more wood today and an 18v cordless drill! Woof!
Wonderful! Dubai pics should be on now - next update - Bangkok. All of life is there . . .
From Connie - Friday, 16th December 2005, 22:59 (GMT)
Hello stranger. Great to catch up with you - but I'm still missing at least a year!!
Where've you been?

I know, and I'm sorry. I keep moving around, and living in a van wasn't the best for keeping in touch - but I'm going to be living something resembling a settled life in Dubai, so I hope it will get better from now on. Love to Eleanor!!
From Jo Crerar - Monday, 20th February 2006, 01:01 (GMT)
Hi John,
I love your website. What a great way for people to share your adventures (much better than group emails). I'm sorry to hear about Matt and Sally's house. It would be nice if Oli could help out. I know I wouldn't have survived France without him!
By the way, I got your text. Thanks but no thanks were needed. It was Ol's birthday afterall.
I hope things get easier at Dubai and on the homefront.
Take care
Thanks darling- you are a star. I love seeing so many friends here - it feels like a kind of home base now. and we've had over 200 hits since the house burnt down! Mathew has promised me some photos, but we don't know when - I guess it's not his highest priority.
Dubai is fine - I've had a fantastic reception professionally, and got some amazing work. It's really taking off already. Jxx
From Bridgetty Boaty - Friday, 23rd December 2005, 15:43 (GMT)
Hello. This could be the start of a travel novel... in your spare moments!!!!! Take care. Miss you. Ring you on Xmas Day - Kepp smiling.
Aw. I missed you. The 7-hour time slip doesn't help. But hopefully you got the number and will try again? Lots of love Brother John