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From albert - Wednesday, 4th January 2006, 03:56 (GMT)
Hi Victoria, Love reading about your adventures and the photos are great. Hope things are going well and keep those stories coming.
From Nicole - Saturday, 31st December 2005, 22:36 (GMT)
Hi Tor! Thanks for all the wonderful updates. It sounds like you have had an amazing trip and lots of experiences, perhaps not all of them good but certainly something you will look back on and laugh at! And your pictures are beautiful, I especially liked the night ones and the toilet sign (I hope that was an arm sitting on the lap!). Keep all the news coming and good luck for the rest of your trip. Happy new year! Nicole xx
From carly - Tuesday, 3rd January 2006, 02:40 (GMT)
Thank you for the photos, and a happy birthday.
The photos were pretty.
Did you have a nice xmas
and new year.

Love Carly
From Kath - Tuesday, 27th December 2005, 07:41 (GMT)
This is fabulous Tor! I loved the pics - looks like you have taken some awesome shots. The side view of the Bronze Dude is great. St Petes looks like a truly beautiful place and even Moscow looks enticing through your lens (not your words). Some photos of you would be good though - kinda personalise it up a bit.


Kath xx
These are just the few digital snaps, so I hope the others turn out. Moscow kind of grows you, until you leave for greener pastures and then have to go back! Won't be long and you can escort me to Marion to get all the other shots processed. They're some of the only things I have left... As for the photos of me, you know how i feelabout that, I think there are 2 of them,and they were on the card I didn't have access to at the time of publishing the page! Love Tor xx
From Alan and Kim - Sunday, 1st January 2006, 01:16 (GMT)
Beautiful photos, love the comments! More please!
From Julie - Sunday, 1st January 2006, 01:33 (GMT)
enjoyed your pix!
From Jo - Tuesday, 3rd January 2006, 00:21 (GMT)
fantastic photos Victoria, hope to see more
From Narelle - Saturday, 11th March 2006, 05:53 (GMT)
good to hear you arrived safely. Billy Connelly was a great show and now that you've left. the weather's heated up. look forward to hearing more about your adventures. happy snapping too.
Jack still thinks that you're in a plane up high in the sky!!!
Thank goodness I´m not in a plane high up in the sky. However, if that is where Jack wishes to think that I am, let him be...
Love Tor xx
From Kath - Sunday, 15th January 2006, 09:33 (GMT)
Good marks for the additional pics! Esp Moscow at 4pm - god that was beautiful. Tell me, did you do a dance at St Vitus......
cya soon
K xx
From Bridget - Monday, 2nd January 2006, 23:09 (GMT)
Thanks Victoria for sharing all your adventures with us at Seaford, the photos are fantastic. Future career for you as a travel writer and photographer? Perhaps Lonley Planet could pay for your next trip!
From Helma Hooper - Sunday, 26th March 2006, 00:39 (GMT)
Hi - The photos look great and it sounds as if you really enjoyed the horse ride. It would be great to ride through such fantastic countryside.

I would love the street tango - love the costumes.

Keep having fun.
Horse riding was great, in fact I plan to do as much of it as possible while I'm over here...
From Alasdair Firth - Friday, 28th April 2006, 05:40 (GMT)
Hey Victoria,
Angela just sent me a link to this page. Your photos are amazing. You have been to so many places, what a hardcore traveller! I have been in China for the past few months, having an amazing time, TPA is much better here than in Russia...
Glad to hear that the experience with TPA is much better in China ...
I´d like to hear about it sometime, China is one of the next destinations on my list!
From jean and ron - Saturday, 29th April 2006, 04:24 (GMT)
really enjoying your travel diary, it makes great reading hope all is still going well. Keep up the good photography.
all going well so far... I´m now in a big hurry to make it to Lima, so am missing out on seeing more of Peru, but I´ll just have to save that for another time!
From Kim and Alan - Sunday, 30th April 2006, 01:20 (GMT)
Your mum and dad told me about the most dangerous road photos - so we had a look! Wouldn't like to be close to that sheer drop in a bus!
Wasn´t ideal... I decided that the best solution was to go to sleep - then I just wouldn´t know how close we were!
From Nicole - Friday, 10th March 2006, 22:33 (GMT)
¡Hola guapa! Your plane ride sounds scary - glad you made it OK! Looking forward to hearing all about your latest adventures. ¡Buena suerte por tu viaje! ¡Estoy mucha celosa! Hasta luego, Nicole
Probably wasn´t as scary as my imagination leads me to believe, but we can´t all be cool about flying can we. I´m sure that South America will make up for the heartache of it all!!!
From Helma - Monday, 13th March 2006, 23:08 (GMT)
Glad you made it. Sounds exciting. I am here at work envying you a lot. Will have to do a lot of talking to Phil to get him to take a trip. Look after yourself.
Helma, you would love all the dancing - you would go nuts for it. A million times better than Dancing with the Stars. Tori xx
From Helma - Friday, 17th March 2006, 03:05 (GMT)
Sounds as though you are enjoying BsAs. I sympathise with the hair thing as mine would do just the same. I would love the tango - did a course in Argentine Tango last year which I thoroughly enjoyed. Just did not have a partner so that was a bit of a problem really - doesn't look quite the same on your own.

It was good to hear from you - have to go up to the paddock as the chiro is coming to do Snip. Apparently she has put her pelvis out - still not riding - bloody horses - remind me never to get another one.

I´ve just decided that I´m going to wear a hat anytime it looks like there´s any moisture in the air. That way no one can see my bad hair!
Hope the chiro works for Snip, and that you can start riding again soon...
Tori xx
From Kath - Tuesday, 21st March 2006, 22:21 (GMT)
As the great Che once said when he was in a rock opera (!) "O What a circus, O what a show Argentina has gone to town over the death of an actress called Eva Peron" She wouldnt fund his pesticide research so he buggered off to muck around with Fidel...

Aye Carumba! Is that even Spanish? Well its my token effort. Love reading your adventures - the horse riding sounded absolutely shitty but you'll prob never forget it!

Take lots of pics - am scoping for the green stripy albums for you - if I ever see them, there'll be three in the bag at once.

Happy Trails

Kath :) xx
After the long and arduous bus ride, Bariloche is really where it's at. This is more along the lines of what I've been expecting. Have been horse riding today, and that will safely extinguish all bad memories of the other shitty experience. Tor xx
From Booka - Tuesday, 21st March 2006, 22:24 (GMT)
Am personally glad there are no Argentinian equines to live up to me - I am rather excellent you know.

Its all very nice that you are having a good trip and as you know I am fond of doing nothing and eating so take your time. Speaking of which, my tummy is rumbling, I think I need to eat something...

your boy
Books xx
You are living in the land of luxury. Make the most of it. As good as the horse riding is, I can't wait to get back into the County, and see what we can do!
From Kim and Alan - Saturday, 25th March 2006, 08:01 (GMT)
Hi Victoria,

Great pics. We are as amazed as you are about how many of them you star in! Love the reflection of Recoleta cemetry in the puddle of water and also the graffiti? Can't wait for more! Enjoy.
Let's hope that the proper photos turn out OK, and there might even be some better ones... Will update as soon as I have some more photos.
From Angela - Saturday, 25th March 2006, 21:51 (GMT)
More beautiful photographs, You should work for lonely planet or some such and sod the real work! :)
Keep happy wanderings!
Thanks Angela, wouldn't that be a dream, to travel, take photographs and be paid for it...
From Narelle - Sunday, 26th March 2006, 23:20 (GMT)
hi there. i am just about to book tickets to Ben Harper. He's here on May the 10th. Pitty you're not here to come with Tim and I. Sounds like you're going to have lots of great pics again.
Damn, there's one gig I will really regret missing - being in South America or not. Couldn't he just wait a month or so - I'd give up 10 Coldplay gigs to see Ben Harper again. Make sure that you both enjoy it for me aswell...
From Albert - Monday, 27th March 2006, 00:47 (GMT)
Hi Victoria,
It's great to read (and see) what you have been up to.
Have fun!
From Kelly - Monday, 27th March 2006, 03:11 (GMT)
Hi Victoria,
It is so good to hear of your adventures it puts a smile on my face, how come it wasnt you doing the dancing now that is a picture I would like to see. Take care
Love from
Me dancing is not something that anyone would like to see! I have two very distinct left feet!!!
From jennifer - Tuesday, 28th March 2006, 06:19 (GMT)
Hi Victoria,

have enjoyed your journey it makes really interesting reading and the photos are great. Meaghan and Chris in Japan at the moment so hope they have good snaps too.
Had to laugh about the fact that Jack sees a plane an you are still in it. Braydon did that about Meaghan, it seems she was in flight for about 2 yrs before she came home must be the age.

well enjoy the rest of your holiday and do take care. love Jen.
Hope that Meaghan and Chris enjoy Japan - I certainly did when I was there in January.