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From noo :) - Friday, 17th February 2006, 07:27 (GMT)
hey sarah! omg we won softball yesterday 13 to 1! woot! how you living in england? it sounds lyk ur having a hoot! i'm quitethe excitied person because i'm starting acting soon with my mate Louisa. I'm also getting my guitar fixed soon so i can't wait to play it again. i've missed it! i just learnt how to play a bit of lithium by nirvana. i'm so proud of me!! ew also this really gross revolting english guy with red hair and huge ears is planning on asking me to formal :( bring me home someone hot with blonde hair and blue eyes! love ya, noo :p
Dear Noo,
Congrats on winning softball - i had no idea that you actually played softball, so congrats on that too!!!
Living in england is going well, we are about to have our mid term holidays so that will be really nice!! HOORAY for that, so we will be off and about travelling around. You will definately enjoy your acting, more so that a friends is going with you! I hope that you enjoy this greatly. I so didn't know that you played the guitar either. Where have i been?!?!?!?!?! I hope that the guitar playing goes well. Who is this english boy that you know, and why is he asking you to a formal already??? Its like February, not like November!! I can't beleive that you have a formal already!! I still see you as little noo, like so not big noo!!!!!! I can't beleive it. It will soon be time for me to take you out clubbing - i can't beleive it!!!!!! I will get back to you on the hot english boy, i need to find one for me first. I hope everything is going well at home, and that everyone is healthy and happy. Be sure to tell everyone that i say hello, Love you all and miss you too,
Sarah xoxox
From Mel K - Friday, 17th February 2006, 08:16 (GMT)
hey sarah, long time no talk
i have moved to wollongong and have started at brent street.. it is awesome and i love it!!!! i dont have the net there so i havent been able to keep in touch with ppl easily and it doesnt help that i get up at 6 and go to bed at 9 30, so its hard to call ppl too.
its been really good so far but im starting to get tired and warn down but ill pick up soon lol

well best be off, will try and write to u when i can, say hi to liz for me and happy bday, cause i missed it woops lol

love always mel xoxo
Mel!!!! So good to hear from you. I am so glad that you are enjoying being at Wollongong, but i do hope that you aren't too tired!!! I know what it is like not being able to contact people as freely and easily as you want - it is terrible, so the best way is through email, if you can get it!!!!! I know the feeling of getting up at six and going to bed late as well, i have the same issue!!! Liz doesn't seem to mind getting up a half hour before work starts, but i just can't do that!!!
As said, it was really good to hear from you, and i hope to hear from you again really soon. Liz says hi, and wishes you the best! Keep in touch,
All my love, Sarah xoxoxox
From noo - Tuesday, 7th March 2006, 08:58 (GMT)
hi sarah. it pains me to say that i am unfortunately quite the ill person! but aside from that my life is quite uneventful. i attended quite a big shin-dig on saturday night which was fun. talk about late though! my friend morgan is leaving to go to New York soon :( so we had a farewell shin dig in her honour. mum's currently in melboune, dad's somewhere driving mum's car and i'm not sure if nathan's still living- i think he's in his room. g2g, luv noo :)
Hey Noo,
So sad to hear that you are an ill person - i am also, as i have a chest infection. Oh well, life goes on! I do hope that you had an enjoyable time at your shin-dig last saturday night - why is Morgan going to New York?? Is your mum having fun working in Melbourne???? What is your dad doing driving you mothers car??? I do hope that Nathan is still living, when we comes out of his room- tell him that i say hello, and give him a big hug. I hope that you feel better soon,
Look forward to hearing from you again,
Love Sarah xoxoxoxox
From Tedi - Thursday, 16th March 2006, 08:34 (GMT)
Hi Sarah,
My name's Tedi Bills and I've been accepted for a gap placement to Truro along with Lauren for next year. I'm very excited, but my parents are very worried! I was wondering if you could help ease their nerves and send me an e-mail about the school and the location and the sort of stuff you get up to. Thankyou!
p.s. love the pink coat!
Hey Tedi,
Firstly, Congratulations on being accepted into Truro School. So far, there is absolutley nothing to complain about - its absolutley fantastic. The staff here are wonderful, VERY friendly and they will do anything to help you out. We often go to their houses for home cooked meals, which is really great. Tell your parents that there is no need to worry, Truro is a safe place, and the teaching staff are always looking out for you. I am happy to send you an email, regarding everything i know so far, and i promise to do this in the near future. Look out for an email in the next couple of days. I hope my webpage proves useful for you, and i continually update it, so keep an eye out. I will definately talk to you soon,