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From Lily - Thursday, 13th April 2006, 04:20 (GMT)
Dear Hermann and Daniel,
Wishing you both a very good Easter. We have Friday and Monday off school and I am looking forward to the long weekend. I love your photos.
Take care.
Hey lily..thanks for the msg..
I love posting pics..but it's been a drag recently..I hope to post more soon
From H+j - Saturday, 11th March 2006, 04:14 (GMT)
Super Fotos.... Sonnenuntergang im Land der aufgehenden Sonne sollten noch oefter kommen. Viel Spass.
Bilder von Hiroshima sind einzig.
PS. Elmar und Nacy sind Omas Bruder und Schwaegerin wenn du dich fragen solltest.
THANKS!!! ihave some night ones from Hiroshima..gonna post asap
From Pablo - Friday, 5th May 2006, 00:43 (GMT)
Get better bud... that sensitive Austrian tummy can't take the crazy food!
I can't stand being sick like this. But i'm SO looking forward to being in Austria and enjoying a Wiener Schnitzel....It would be even better if you were there too ;)
From Opa - Tuesday, 7th March 2006, 03:27 (GMT)
Great to hear from you. I look foreward to hearing about your adventures.
From Jane+Hermann - Sunday, 18th June 2006, 03:19 (GMT)
The only positive thing about not having your pack.... is that you don't have to live out of it......
i actually was kinda glad that i didn't have to lug it from the airport to manhattan.

After it arrived here, i noticed that it has been i need to call them whe i get home
From Steve - Saturday, 11th March 2006, 04:46 (GMT)
Hey Dan,
I think your planet ranger is HOT! That's right its capitals. Now I have something constructive to do each day. Keep up the goods I am enjoying. And please buy as many sweet electronics as you can. Later
Hey Steve..
no electronics :S
maybe in Korea..
Stuff is so expensive here
From Goulet - Saturday, 11th March 2006, 01:28 (GMT)
Your sunset pictures are terrible! no just kidding, the pictures are sweet buddy. My camera is jealous. Did you see any bighorns yet? Take care man.
GOULET....check out the new pictures coming up in a bit..the sunset is a lil nicer
From Catherine - Saturday, 18th March 2006, 00:27 (GMT)
I liked the kung-fo fighter pics...more please!

Clam soup for breakfast? What? Icky! Don't they have Starbucks? (Ok, bad joke...)

Hope you're feeing better soon!
yeah fresh fish for breakfast is normal here i guess...Starbucks do exist..but they are UEBER expensive..
From Paul - Sunday, 26th March 2006, 00:18 (GMT)
Say hi to Brydie for me, and tell her I'm sorry I haven't written her a postcard yet!
said hi to brydie..and she is pissed about not getting a postcard
From Doug - Sunday, 2nd April 2006, 01:18 (GMT)
Well, about the "don't point at the N-K" thing. Don't forget: the South Koreans have a pretty good money making operation going there. Make it really scary and they have perpetual justification for whatever they want to do in the name of saving their populace. Also, they can charge more if you think you may die.

Sorry; not to say it's not dangerous. Just don't forget why they construct the reality of the "trip" the way they construct it. They could give it a different vibe if they wanted.

And...lastly, the N-K guard has to serve in the military or he gets shot, and dies. There's a good chance he's not there by choice, and he may have nothing but envy for S-K's and non-K tourists. (But then again, maybe not...I'm just saying it's a possibility.)

Glad to here everything is going well, I'm enjoying reading the updates.

Have fun with your Dad,

I totally agree with what you are saying. When you are in Korea though you start to understand how serious this is though. These people aren't joking around.

Secondly, is it dangerous..who knows. The tourguid that i had, told me that he had a tour once and things got ugly. Weapons were drawn, etc.

Thirdly, military service is mandatory for both North and South Koreans. In S-K, it is two years, but is actually close to three. And there have been many, including recently, several S-K working in the JSA area commited suicide. The owner of the gueshouse that i was staying at, used to be a Rock Soldier, and he told me that that was the most stressful job EVER. I told him that he has never worked at TFs, which i consider to be the most stressful job ever. . .not a haha moment.

I think that it was a great exerience tho and i would recommend it to anyone that comes to Korea.
From Doug - Sunday, 2nd April 2006, 01:20 (GMT)
Oh, by the way, as I see Trav got in to UBC, I guess I should say I got into the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs in Ottawa. Pretty good, but if I get in to UBC I may go there just so I don't have to live in Ottawa.

I hope that you get into UBC too, cause i can't stand being so far away from you.
From Martin - Tuesday, 4th April 2006, 02:53 (GMT)
Willkommen in China, Hermann. Wie war die Reise? Ich hoffe, ihr habt eine schoene Zeit gemeinsam in Asien. Habt ihr schon eine Pekingente gegessen...:))? Anyway, just wanted to say hi to both of you. All the best from Burlington,
I met up with Hermann at the airport...everything is going well...No duck as of yet, maybe tonight ;)
From - Thursday, 6th April 2006, 02:55 (GMT)
we want more photos of DAN!!!! !He's the MAN!!!
This must be from Kader
From Kristen - Tuesday, 11th April 2006, 00:15 (GMT)
Hey Dan,
It's been exciting to catch up on your Asia adventures... but you need to keep up with the pictures too!!! Can't believe that it was snowing there... where are you guys headed next after China? CONGRATS on being #1!! Keep it up :)

p.s. Oh yeah, I'm now a grad nurse and got a job at VGH on 4AB!!! (Thought I'd just share the good news!!)
Thanks for the nice words. The site has been giving me trouble lately..I'll try posting pics asap

Awesome news with the job...
From muffin - Sunday, 18th June 2006, 03:16 (GMT)
awww...i'm sorry you had a rough time but HEY you're in n. america and that's what matters... only 5 more days til ur home! can't wait!!!! take care of urself down there and safe trip home :)
4 more days, eh!!
From Miranda - Tuesday, 25th April 2006, 00:48 (GMT)
I'm leaving the 28th and coming back to Korea on the 7th....who knows where I'll be but it would be pretty funny if our paths did cross. If you do want to meet up leave a message or email me.....the stranger
Hello stranger

I arrive in Bangkok on the 6th at around 1135. Maybe we can do dinner..Would be pretty funny for us to cross paths.
From Pablo - Thursday, 2nd March 2006, 20:18 (GMT)
Dude I miss you already... and you don't even leave until saturday!
From Andy Lei - Friday, 3rd March 2006, 21:54 (GMT)
Hallo Dicker! Alles, alles Gute für deine Reise; viel Spaß und pass auf dich auf! Ich hoffe ich hör bald wieder von dir... Meld mich wieder, versprochen :-)

Als denn, buenos dias,
From Lei Andy - Friday, 3rd March 2006, 21:59 (GMT)
Alles Gute! Viel Spaß und pass auf dich auf! Buenos dias; Andy
From doug - Sunday, 5th March 2006, 18:46 (GMT)
well, you're gone.


miss you much,

From Jane/Hermann - Monday, 6th March 2006, 02:50 (GMT)
Good to hear from you and to know that you got there safely.
We knew that you would get info from people on the plane!
Can't wait for the first pictures!
Will try to get the photo info that you need.
Much love J and H
From Jane+Hermann - Monday, 6th March 2006, 09:27 (GMT)
Gut so Daniel.
Hab SPASS in Tokio and good luck for the next days.
Good to hear that everything is going well.
From - Saturday, 6th May 2006, 02:45 (GMT)
there's no better time to be ill than when travelling. Ouch!!!Sorry to here that!
On the other hand, it's gonna do WONDERS for your figure!!!!
much love from the Tdot
by the time i get to TO i'll be 120lbs...not hot!
From Kristen - Saturday, 6th May 2006, 01:40 (GMT)
Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well :(... hope those stones go away quickly, otherwise if you do need to get them out... you just might end up on my floor at the hospital?! Take it easy!
well atleast then i'd know that i'd have the best ppl looking after that.
From Janet & Gary - Tuesday, 7th March 2006, 06:00 (GMT)

Happy Travels Daniel-san......

Get prepared for Linz & the Barnes
Keep safe....J
Thankfully i still have three months to prepare for it ;)