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Furn at the Santa Pub Crawl!

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Well now Christmas is upon us what better way to celebrate than a pub crawl around South Melbourne!!

I'm King of the World!!

Big Andy and me, tops suit!

Cheers to everyone! Sare and Lil enjoying a drink or four

Bells hotel...bit dark..bit late in the evening too

Cheers! Matty, Sare, Lil and Greg

Too many Santas for Joe to comprehend! Chrissie, Joe and me with Andy popping out the back!

Ryan practising his moves on Tyson

Now how am I'm going to go to the loo.....???!

Eating's cheating!! Chrissie, Ro, Matty, Nick and Lil

Ryan and his helper elf Bea bustin a move

Ryan and lady no. 1, work that suit Ryan

Margot and Kylie