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Location: Dandaloo!, Australia

I was about and hour and half away from Dubbo (1 hr flight from Sydney) in a little town (if you can call it that) called Dandaloo! I stayed with my Godmother, Claire; her partner, Poss and their 2 year-old daughter, Maisy!

Poor thing!

Sheep shearing!

Extremely scary sheep!

Poss, Maisy and Claire at the airport saying our goodbyes (hence the sad Maisy!)

A Giana (?) on the side of the road. Absolutely humongous!

Wool classing!

Who also had the odd tantrum...

Funny Maisy!

...and loved washing her hands (half and hour of washing was the record)...

But loved to pose for the camera...

...But was simply adorable! So much so that i let her bounce on my bed every morning.

...and loved to play with creams (including my rather expensive ones)...