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Vietnam Various

Location: Allover, Vietnam

Other Vietnam snaps

5 Jun 2006, 1:33PM

Snake farm

3 Jun 2006, 7:09PM

Lake in Hanoi

8 Jun 2006, 12:45PM

American Ford original from the war. They still use all the Army surplus

8 Jun 2006, 11:10AM

Melting at the "must see" MySon. Just daft rocks

20 Jun 2006, 3:24PM

Another yank leftover

19 Jun 2006, 11:40AM

Brick makers

24 Jun 2006, 7:04AM

Ho Chi Tin. The locals weren't impressed with my pun

20 Jun 2006, 6:57PM

Motorbike madness in Saigon. This photo doesn't come close to emphasising how nuts the roads are

22 Jun 2006, 5:14PM

Lee & Gary leading the way into the mud to catch fish for dinner