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Location: Cambodia

Not many snaps. I wasn't comfortable taking photos of the bad stuff unlike some Americans who thought skeleton snapping was the norm.
I've been promised photos from fellow travellers so i'll add another page when i get them.

29 Jun 2006, 12:57PM

Bokor Hill ghost town.

25 Jun 2006, 4:51PM

Elephant roaming Phnon Penh

29 Jun 2006, 1:39PM

Casino on the cliff edge at Bokor Hill.

29 Jun 2006, 1:19PM

Eating lunch in the derelict casino. Surreal

2 Jul 2006, 6:48PM

Four of us squeezed into a 2 man tuk-tuk. I can barely manage a smile! Anything to save a dollar & the Camboidans duely obilige.

1 Jul 2006, 7:19PM

Dinner before the Portugal game in Sihanoukville.

4 Jul 2006, 12:09PM

Lee (Eng), Wal (Oz), Gary(Paddy) & myself.

4 Jul 2006, 12:36PM

Outside Angkor Wat.

4 Jul 2006, 3:51PM

Doing my Lara Croft impression where Tomb Raider was filmed.

4 Jul 2006, 1:30PM

Same again

4 Jul 2006, 6:57PM

With our clueless guide. He couldn't speak English or Cambodian but he could chase after white bloused girls in the rain to catch a glimpse at their cans!