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4000 Islands & Dablo, Laos

Location: Si Phan Don, Laos

The relaxed Si Phan Don Islands. A future retirement spot!

9 Jul 2006, 3:14PM

Swimming on the a landlocked country!

9 Jul 2006, 12:56PM

Riding my camp bike on one the bridges across the islands.

10 Jul 2006, 1:21AM

Gathered around for the World cup final on a generator. I'm in the blue with the suburban mothball

9 Jul 2006, 4:46PM

I was going to join him for a mud bath but he wasn't keen!

11 Jul 2006, 9:39PM

The Spanish docs. Berta, Gary, Nuria, Christina & me. Why o why couldn't i have just broke an arm....or something.

11 Jul 2006, 7:29PM

View from the restaurant

13 Jul 2006, 8:39AM

Observing a tribeswomen making rice, smoking a doobie & looking after the kids! Work, rest & play.

12 Jul 2006, 4:22PM

Dablo Falls, where our guesthouse was. If you look very closely you can see me kamikaze style on a rock in the middle of the photo.

13 Jul 2006, 9:48AM


13 Jul 2006, 9:39AM

One of the tribal communities. This is where they hang a buffalo once a year in some daft ritual.

13 Jul 2006, 10:30AM

Me & our guide through the tribal villages. Doesn't show but he's puffing on grass in a bamboo leaf.

13 Jul 2006, 10:09AM

Cute wee kids under their house.