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Luang Prabang & Nong Khiaw

Location: Laos

Scenery & water

24 Jul 2006, 11:31AM

Cheeky kids in the pitch black cave

24 Jul 2006, 10:52AM

Nong Khiaw in the clouds

25 Jul 2006, 4:10PM

Luang Prabang from above

24 Jul 2006, 5:59PM

My 1 pound hut in the bushes

26 Jul 2006, 4:19PM


25 Jul 2006, 10:02PM

Gary (Ire), Seb, Bettina (German), me (gypsy) & Mick (Aussie)

26 Jul 2006, 5:36PM

Another part of the waterfall

26 Jul 2006, 4:49PM

Me mid air on the rope swing. Certainly cured the hangover.