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Gibb River & Bungle Bungles

Location: The Kimberley, Australia

The amazing Kimberley region. Was a bit slack with the snaps but all good. There's a video clip of my helicopter flight over the Bungle Bungles which gives a better illustration.

20 Oct 2006, 7:16AM

Bell Gorge

18 Oct 2006, 3:58PM

Croc in Tunnel Creek. Pretty harmless but still kept some distance

21 Oct 2006, 11:57PM

Me & Gideon (Canadian) with our passed out guide, Paul.

20 Oct 2006, 12:40PM

Galvans Gorge

22 Oct 2006, 10:42AM

At Emma Gorge. Probably my fave although they are all amazing.

22 Oct 2006, 8:35AM

Relaxing in Zebedee Springs. 32 degree fresh water.

23 Oct 2006, 3:59PM

Being a donut with the camera inside one of the gorges.

22 Oct 2006, 2:35PM

Gibb River Road complete. Luckily you can't smell me.

23 Oct 2006, 10:18PM

Me & Dirk, the German comedian.

23 Oct 2006, 4:37PM

Bungles from the ground.

24 Oct 2006, 1:18PM

Same again. Video clip is better.

24 Oct 2006, 1:15PM

Bungles Bungles from the air.