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San Pedro to Uyuni

Location: Bolivia

3 day trip from Chile to Bolivia

7 Oct 2007, 12:28PM

Not a bad welcome to Bolivia

7 Oct 2007, 11:14AM

Our landrover group. Teresa, Nick, Amy, Me at the back & John & Sarah at the front. Ronnie the stoned driver up top

7 Oct 2007, 12:44PM

Green lake

7 Oct 2007, 11:36AM

Bootiful white lake

7 Oct 2007, 5:06PM

Red lake, amazing colour contrasts

7 Oct 2007, 3:12PM

A lot of volcanic activity around too. Boiling mud here

8 Oct 2007, 9:03AM

A few of us at the top of some desert rocks

8 Oct 2007, 8:53AM


9 Oct 2007, 9:15AM

Endless white salt

9 Oct 2007, 8:38AM

Me on Cactus Island in the middle of the salt flats

9 Oct 2007, 11:08AM

A hotel made of salt!

9 Oct 2007, 9:59AM

The camera tricks were endless. John pointing at my wee self