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More Bangkok Scenes

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

This was our first time in South East Asia apart from being in transit.We loved the vibrancy and street life

5 Jul 2006, 2:22AM

While being entertained by John

5 Jul 2006, 2:18AM

Two people enjoying exotic cocktails

5 Jul 2006, 5:51PM

Street of a thousand clothing stores,busy,hot and muggy.

5 Jul 2006, 2:28AM

Don't ask what was in them but they tasted sublime!!!!

5 Jul 2006, 6:05PM

Last mochacino in Bangkok

5 Jul 2006, 5:50PM

There is hardly enough room for pedestrians

5 Jul 2006, 7:58PM

You pick the food and they cook it quick time

5 Jul 2006, 7:58PM

Last meal in Bangkok

5 Jul 2006, 8:07PM

The kitchen where they prepare and cook good food,hot in both meanings of the word

5 Jul 2006, 8:17PM

In front of our hotel and a Tuk tuk driver trying to pick us up. .

5 Jul 2006, 12:09AM

The last farewell,in front of our hotel with a photo of the king