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Navimag ferry

Location: Chile

4 night, 3 day boat journey through the Chilean fjords (and a gutwrenching open sea section!) from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt.

14 Apr 2006, 10:57AM


14 Apr 2006, 11:08AM

Hopefully not an indication of the quality of our boat remembering our orginal boat (Magallenes) is out of commison and was switched on us.

15 Apr 2006, 7:35AM

Sunrise on the first morning.

15 Apr 2006, 7:33AM

First morning scenery - nice and clear with plenty of snowy peaks.

15 Apr 2006, 10:26AM

Our 4 person cabin just for us 2 ... amazing what a few pesos plus knowledge of soccer (especially International Chilean players!) will do for you.

15 Apr 2006, 7:41AM

First morning and attempting to navigate through the 80m White Channel.

16 Apr 2006, 8:53AM

The ship anchored off Puerto Eden.

16 Apr 2006, 8:04AM

The only stop on the voyage is Puerto Eden - also the last chance to get off before the open see crossing!

16 Apr 2006, 11:37AM

The wreck of the Cotapaxi in the channels ... now left to act as a beacon for the correct shipping line.

16 Apr 2006, 10:32AM

Navigating (succesfully) through the 200m English channel.

17 Apr 2006, 11:06AM

Last full day on the ship and Jodes looking surprisingly relaxed after ´we successfully´ negotiated the open sea.

17 Apr 2006, 9:18AM

Scenery (and weather) change after the open sea crossing - the northern section is more green with lower mountains.