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Rafting the Rio Trancura alto

Location: Pucon, Chile

Class 3, 4, 5 and 6 (which we walked around!) rapids on the Rio Trancura. Rafting is always such great fun. The guide decided to ´call´ in Spainish just to make it intertesting.

30 Apr 2006, 4:40PM

We are in there somewhere - probably under all that water.

30 Apr 2006, 4:40PM

Diving for cover before we hit one of the first rapids - Jodes (having better spanish than I) reacts to the instructions much quicker...or thatīs what she says!

30 Apr 2006, 4:40PM

Jodes coming up for air.

30 Apr 2006, 4:40PM

Coming out the other side of the rapid.

30 Apr 2006, 4:58PM

...oh lordy...

30 Apr 2006, 4:58PM

Here we go again...

30 Apr 2006, 4:36PM

This guy is in a kayak (more nimble than the rafts) to help you if / when you fall out. Such a comforting thought!

30 Apr 2006, 4:58PM

...better hold your breath!

30 Apr 2006, 5:11PM

The other side of the class 6.

30 Apr 2006, 5:06PM

The raft being pass around the class 6 rapid.

30 Apr 2006, 5:24PM

...successfully negotiated.

30 Apr 2006, 5:24PM

...and another rapid