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Trekking in Huerquehue NP

Location: Pucon, Chile

Given time restraints we wont be hiking in Bariloche (unfortunately), so this is our last hike (I can here the knees shouting for joy) before sending the gear back home. The park is about 25/30km from Pucon, so its easy to get to.

1 May 2006, 1:34PM

Lago Verde#1. If the water wasn´t so chilly we would have been in for a dip.

1 May 2006, 11:31AM

Lago Tinquilco with Villarrica in the background. Sheer bliss clear skies again.

1 May 2006, 1:43PM

Lago Verde#3.

1 May 2006, 1:40PM

Lago Verde#2. This lake, like all the others we have come across in the area, is crystal clear.

1 May 2006, 1:41PM

Spectacular Aruacania tree which apparently can live for up to 2000 years.

3 May 2006, 12:50PM

Lago Toro on day 3, our last day of hiking!

1 May 2006, 2:24PM

Beautiful moss covered forrests.

2 May 2006, 1:54PM

Nuts from the Aruacania tree which the native Puelche people used to grind up for flour. These ones got roasted later that night - they taste quite a bit like chestnuts.

3 May 2006, 10:39AM

View towards Lago Caburgua and the ´Deliverance´ country valley.

2 May 2006, 10:56AM

This is the camp site, but someone forgot to tell the cows. Makes for cautious walking in the dark, but otherwise we managed to avoid getting trampled whilst asleep in the tent.

3 May 2006, 12:05PM

Jodes making her away across another ´log bridge´.

3 May 2006, 10:46AM

On the rail on the final day - it is hard to see it from this photo, but there´s a nice steep drop off to my right along this bit.