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A few days in Bariloche

Location: Bariloche, Argentina

We finally got back to Bariloche and the weather gods did the right thing by us. Only problem was we had already lost interest in further hiking for the timebeing (so we sent our gear home), but nevertheless occupied ourselves with a 70km bike ride (a varied/extended Circuito Chico) and a tour of Tranador where we were going to hike.

The very exclusive Llao Llao hotel with the peak of Mt Tronador (in the background to the right) at the start of the more interesting section of the ride.

10 May 2006, 12:34PM

The Circuito Chico (proper)is actually all on paved roads, which are nice like this...once you get out of the settled areas and out of reach of the buses!

10 May 2006, 2:29PM

Looking over Lago Moreno East on the way home after stopping off at Colonia Suisse fo a quick (faceful!) of apple pie.

10 May 2006, 12:55PM

Taking a breather at Bahia Lopez.

12 May 2006, 10:27AM

On the way to Tranador looking over Lago Mascardi.

10 May 2006, 2:42PM

On the way home decided to exit the formal circuit and travel via the dirt which is longer but provides some alternative views and more interesting riding.

12 May 2006, 12:09PM

Full view of Tronador where you can see a few of the glaciers that form on it - apparently there are 3 glaciers on the Chilean side and 4 on the Argentine. Whilst not as big as the glaciers down south, but hey they dont have any black ones either!

12 May 2006, 11:40AM

2 of Tronadors 3 peaks which top out at 3,500m. Similar to the French Valley in Torres del Paine, we could hear thunderous as we approached on foot as bits of ice and snow broke away from the main snow/ice body.

12 May 2006, 11:44AM

Non Tronador view from the Pampa Linda bridge.

12 May 2006, 11:46AM

Tronador from the bridge at Pampa Linda.

12 May 2006, 1:38PM

The end of the black glacier (mid picture on the right) with the frozen lake and bits of glacier ´floating away´.

12 May 2006, 1:34PM

The is the black glacier at the foot of Tronador - it´s black from all the sediment and we haven´t seen anything else like it.