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Iguazu (Ar) & Igaucu (Br) fall

Location: Argentina / Brazil border, South America

We spent 2 full days on the Argentine and 1.5 days on the Brazillian side of the falls and did not have one dull moment - this place is amazing and you need to spend time on both sides to fullay appreciate them. Once again the weather gods smiled on us to round out a great 4 days.

21 May 2006, 11:35AM

Still on the Arg side and the large fall you can see at thje top of the photo is where we got drenched on one of the optional boat excursions - the excursions are great and also cheaper on this side.

21 May 2006, 11:39AM

Our first view of the falls from the Arg side.

21 May 2006, 12:15PM

A view of Garganta del Diablo (Devilīs Throat) which is the mega fall pretty much at the junction of the two borders. This photo was taken on our boat on Rio Igauzu and you can also see one of the boats in this picture about to get dunked under one of the smaller falls.

21 May 2006, 12:10PM

Another one of the falls on the Arg side - apparently the falls spread for approx 2.7km across both sides of the border, although most are on Arg side.

24 May 2006, 9:51AM

Our hotel on the Brazillian side - built in the mid 1900īs, the Tropical del Cataratas is a fantastic colonial place with a great feel just 200m from the river side. Whilst this whole trip is our honeymoon, this bit was a splurge given its not that nice spending your whole honeymoon in a tent or hostel!

21 May 2006, 3:46PM

Garganta del Diablo up close - the amount of water that gushes over here is incredible, and from the Arg side you walk a platform that effectively puts you right along side it.

24 May 2006, 5:23PM

Sunset from our room - the lights on the bottom right are the Sheraton hotel on the Arg side.

23 May 2006, 1:28PM

The view from our hotel room! Jodes mentioned that it was our honeymoon on check in and they made sure we got falls view which was a relief given the $$$ this place costs.

24 May 2006, 10:32AM

View of Isla san Martin on the falls we got dunked under from the Brazillian side. If you stare at this plateau and then close you eyes you should be able to see dinasaurs running around here!

24 May 2006, 1:07PM

Looking up Rio Iguazu from the Brazillian side towards Garganta del Diablo.

23 May 2006, 2:40PM

End view from the Brazillian side.

24 May 2006, 11:12AM

Garganta del Diablo from the Brazillian side.