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Pantanal and Bonito

Location: Bonito, Brazil

The Pantanal is a massive wetland / delta in central Brazil. The Amazon is well known to all, but many consider wildlife spotting to be better in the Pantanal as the forest is in smaller clusters and much of the place is a flat savanah, and in the dry everything is very accessible.

You get around the place in jeeps like this - great for seeing wildlife...but not so great for mossies and bumps!

1 Jun 2006, 5:12PM

Beautiful sunset just after we arrived - possibly a good omen for things to come?

2 Jun 2006, 3:00PM

About to set off horseriding (which Jodes was very happy about, and I somewhat hesitant) towards the end of day 1 - note to self and all guys, make sure you have plenty of clearance between the stirrups and saddle for when the horse starts galloping!

2 Jun 2006, 10:24AM

Day one, and after walking around and seeing birds galore, an armadillo, black howler monkeys, caiman, coatis and a water snake, one of the guides finds this boa!

3 Jun 2006, 8:42AM

Day 2 and we started off trudging into this lake to fish for piranhas, which the guides assured us would only attack the dead meat on the hooks. Between 6 of us we caught about a dozen good size, which was enough to BBQ for lunch.

3 Jun 2006, 7:56AM

Pantanal country is pretty much like this - dirt roads separating flat savannah, delta water lakes / rivers and patches of treed areas. In the wet the water flows down from the North and the area becomes flooded and less accessable.

6 Jun 2006, 3:47PM

Tuco toucan!

3 Jun 2006, 11:07AM


River snorkling on the Rio Prata just outside Bonito - Jodes testing the equipment, but obviously the snorkle wasnīt going to work fully submerged!

3 Jun 2006, 6:42PM

At the end of day 2 we had a night drive back to camp, and the guides were on fire again - capybaras on mass, caiman, wild pigs, foxes and then one of the guides went in to catch a caiman, and after a bit of shouting and excitement (and the driver running off to help) came back with the caiman and a yellow anaconda! This anaconda is about 3 metres long and a relative baby.

6 Jun 2006, 12:29PM

Most of the fish are actually quite large and donīt appear too fussed by your prescence unless you try and touch them, but if you just stay still they will come up close.

6 Jun 2006, 12:14PM

Even though we didnīt have the best weather (it was a little overcast) some of the water was crystral clear.