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Colonial Bolivia

Location: Sucre and Potosi, Bolivia

After an arduous week of train and bus transport we make it into the Bolivian colonial heartland in the Andes.

13 Jun 2006, 9:54AM

Typical street in Sucre.

12 Jun 2006, 11:32AM

Our hostel in Sucre where so many of the buildings have these beautiful internal courtyards.

14 Jun 2006, 4:13PM

Another great internal courtyard, but this time at San Felipe Neri convent where from its terraces above you can get great aerial views of Sucre.

13 Jun 2006, 2:30PM

Whilst Sucre is in the low Andes and sorrounded by not much other than dirt, the city has a number of parks and overall is a bit of an oasis in the middle of no where.

14 Jun 2006, 4:46PM

There are just so may great old buildings and Museums in Sucre, the constitutional capital of Bolivia.

14 Jun 2006, 4:36PM

Aerial view of Sucre from terraces in San Felipe Neri.

15 Jun 2006, 1:16PM

Slightly suspicious that these prints are in a cement factory, but they do look realistic!

15 Jun 2006, 1:23PM

On the outskirts of Sucre you can visit the worlds largest collection of dinasaur footprints. Whilst not the most exciting thing we have done, it was nonetheless interesting - some of the footprints are shown here and form the x in the rock (which has been raised to almost vertical though tectonic plate movement). There are 5000 odd prints from more than 150 animals in this area.

17 Jun 2006, 10:22AM

Cerro Rico above Potosi where the city gained its previous wealth over hundreds of years. This deposit was once the worlds largest making the city the largest at the time in the Americas and provided the silver for the Spainish empiresī coinage.

17 Jun 2006, 11:56AM

Central Plaza in Potosi in the Andes altoplano which at 4,000m and a population of over 100,000 is the worlds largest city at this height.

16 Jun 2006, 4:11PM

The mine tour, which has you gasping for breath from the dust and crawling up shafts and shutes like well as the very cramped space and lack of safety features!

16 Jun 2006, 2:04PM

Before going on a mine tour you get kitted up with these funky clothes, then drop into the miners market to buy them a few soft drink, smokes, coca leaves....or drinkable fuel....or dynamite like this!