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Cusco and surrounds

Location: Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru, the heart of the Inca Empire is a fabulous (but touristy) old colonial city...that would have been even more interesting if the Spainards hadn´t taken everything apart to build their churches and palaces!

8 Jul 2006, 1:58PM

Along the way the trains slow down in some of the towns and vendors (food and souvenirs) move between the rolling trains to sell you stuff.

8 Jul 2006, 5:19PM

Rather than take a bus we opted for the more expensive and longer train from Puno to Cusco - why you ask....because it was more scenic and thoroughly relaxing!

8 Jul 2006, 2:22PM

Lunch stop at La Roya (at just over 4,000m) where we picked up a bunch of ´street´food for much less than what the éxecutive´class were buying the onboard lunches for! As you can see there is not much else to La Roya.

8 Jul 2006, 2:33PM

Great scenery and much easier to take photos of it through open windows than through the glass of a speeding bus.

10 Jul 2006, 10:34AM

Cusco´s streets are all so quaint - they´re cobbled, steep and narrow...and very slippery when wet!

10 Jul 2006, 3:49PM

Cusco´s lovely main plaza looking towards the Catedral (left) and Compania de Jesus.

10 Jul 2006, 12:26PM

Santo Domingo church which the Spainards built right on top of the Sun Temple of Qoricancha whose original dark stone walls you can see at the bottom right hand corner of the photo. Thankfully some of the original temple walls and structure remain inside and can be accessed as part of an interesting museum tour.

10 Jul 2006, 10:37AM

Incan stonework is quite renown in Cusco. This one in particular has 12 sides and you would struggle to get a cigarette paper in the gaps, made stone against stone without mortar, even after 500 years - now that should impress our builder Fathers.

11 Jul 2006, 12:18PM

The Red Fort of Pucapucara adjacent to Tambomachay.

11 Jul 2006, 11:45AM

Water spring shrine of Tambomachay - surprisingly the water still flows out of its fountain from an underground spring.

11 Jul 2006, 2:53PM

Some of the stones at Sacsayhuaman are up to 7m tall and weigh 100+ tonnes...and had to be dragged to the site from quarries kilometres away!

11 Jul 2006, 2:15PM

The remains of amazing Sacsayhuaman temple which sits on the hill above Cusco - only about 30% remains as the Spainards are said to have used the stones to build their own churches and palaces in Cusco.