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Machu Picchu & Sacred Valley

Location: Sacred Valley, Peru

16 Jul 2006, 12:39PM

This is the start of the Sacred Valley taken from atop of Pisac.

16 Jul 2006, 11:16AM

We get to Pisac expecting to find the art and craft markets and are greeted with their annual Carmen del Virgin celebration we everybody gets dressed up in different costumes and drink / dance for days. The big noses, moustaches and white faces represent the Spainards - hence they are quite mocking.

16 Jul 2006, 1:50PM

Pisac ruins which are quite a hike up a hill (unless you are on a day trip tour of course where you can get a bus right up to them!) - no Machu Picchu but impressive none the less.

16 Jul 2006, 11:37AM

Dont know who these guys represent, but they had great colourful costumes.

17 Jul 2006, 3:17PM

There are 3 different terrace depressions down to different depths for different plant types.

17 Jul 2006, 3:11PM

Not crop circles but the agricultural terrace depressions of Moray where the Incas are said to have modified and acclimatised various crops for cultivation at altitude - now thatīs up there for thinking! These are off the beaten track a bit, so takes a bit of coordinating and then legwork to get here out of Urabumba, but well worth it.

19 Jul 2006, 9:51AM

More of Ollantaytambo - the good thing about this site is itīs the easiest to get around - no big hikes up or along!

19 Jul 2006, 9:29AM

Ollantaytambo ruins which sit right above and around the town of Ollantaytambo - quite an important site in the Inca empire.

21 Jul 2006, 7:15AM

I dont really need to tell you where this is, but is is just before dawn. Huaynapicchu is the big hill in the background which took us 3.5 hours to get up, then climb down the back of to further ruins (the Cave) before returning to the main site.

19 Jul 2006, 9:46AM

The terraces around Ollantaytambo run across the hill, with various storeage houses and tehn temples above and below.

21 Jul 2006, 8:45AM

MP up close from Huaynapicchu - we have a book which recons the site is in the shape of a flying bird (many of the ruins are said to be in shapes of important animals or gods) but I am not going to try and explain the outline on the website!

21 Jul 2006, 8:49AM

MP from on top of Huaynapicchu - thankfully the hike up was well worth it and gave the best vistas of the amazing surrounding ranges as well.