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Lago Atitlan

Location: Lago Atitlan, Guatemala

5 days cruising around Lago Atitlan in Guatemala relaxing on the lakeshore, visiting local markets and just checking out the wonderful scenery. There is also a panoramic video on the site, so have a look if you have the technology.

9 Aug 2006, 11:07AM

Another view of Volcan San Pedro but this time from the lovely (much less touristy) lakeside town of Santa Cruz la Laguna.

8 Aug 2006, 7:29PM

Lago Atitlan at sunset looking at dormant Volcan San Pedro (3,000m) at sunset from Panajachel.

9 Aug 2006, 8:18PM

Evening lightning storm over Santiago Atitlan in between dormant Volcan´s Toliman (3,158m) on the left and San Pedro on the right.

9 Aug 2006, 4:08PM

There are a number of ways you can get from Pana to nearby Solola - by bus (old American scholol buses), took took, on the back of a 4x4 ute, or walk. None of which are particularly safe, so we figured we might as well jump on the back of the ute! That´s our hands hanging on for our lives and coming towards us you can see another ´taxi´ going the other way cramed with people. It gets better, whilst this is a short road, it is steep and windy...but very scenic...especially when standing in the back of an open ute!

10 Aug 2006, 11:06AM

The church steps at the Chichi markets clouded in incense.

10 Aug 2006, 11:04AM

Chichi market day...and easily the most interesting thing there was the worship on the church steps with numerous people burning incense.

11 Aug 2006, 11:49AM

30 odd years ago this church in Santiago Atitlan was a refuge for locals during the civil war when many people went missing or were killed by the military apparently. Luckily Guatemala has since stabilised politically.

11 Aug 2006, 10:40AM

Maximon worship is a mix of Catholism and old Mayan religions. This guys is said to be the son of JC and can only be communicated with by Shaman - he likes gifts including cash, cigarettes...and candles! While we were at his house a Shaman lit a few candles, burnt some incense and smoked a cigarette with some guy who was ill in an effort to cure him.

11 Aug 2006, 3:27PM

Catholisism is the main religion but there are also a lot of Pentacostal churches which would explain the colour of this place in San Pedro - couldnt imagine the Catholics going for this colour, but then again who could forget the Catholic church colours in San Cristobel, Mexico?!

11 Aug 2006, 1:33PM

The mens and ladies traditional dress is fantastic around these parts and varies from village to village and often includes embroided shorts, skirts and tops with a belt. This guy is from Santiago Atitlan, and although pretty basic, at least they are smart enough to wear shorts whereas most men wear long pants for some reason?

13 Aug 2006, 10:21AM

Going for a dip off San Marcos with Volcan San Pedro in the background - the water is a great temperature for swimming, there aint no sharks...and around these parts it is nice and clean.

12 Aug 2006, 11:11AM

The shores of the lake are a mix of rugged waterline or rocky cilffs, villages, or dotted around it exclusive houses and hotels with there own wharfs. Most villages can only be reached by boat which is quite appealing.