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Location: Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua´s all about colonial buildings, volcanoes and earthquakes. It was the original capital of colonial Guatemala and retains a great feel about it.

14 Aug 2006, 10:33AM

Ruins of La Compania de Jesus which took our interests as most of the statues (still) in the facade have lost their heads - not sure what the message is there.

16 Aug 2006, 8:01AM

This is the essence of Antigua - the colonial arch, the volcanoe (Agua) and the ruins to the right.

14 Aug 2006, 4:04PM

The military have a presence on the site - not in case of eruption, but more to protect you from bandits who have been known to bail up hikers / climbers on the other unprotected volcanoes. Last we saw of these guys they were walking around with souvenir lumps of solidified lava...

14 Aug 2006, 5:23PM

2,500m Volcan Pacaya is actually closer to Guatemala City, but it is active and you can walk up it - well up to a few hundred meteres of the cone anyway for the last 4 months as it is currently oozing lava! Of course we walked up! You can see the lava flow in the foreground of this shot.

15 Aug 2006, 10:45AM

This is Volcan Fuego just west of Antigua. I thought it was dormant but a tell tale puff of smoke whilst we were having breakky struck my mind, so I checked the guide book - nope it is definately active!

14 Aug 2006, 4:59PM

Coooool....molten lava!

15 Aug 2006, 2:23PM

Itīs nice and hot here, but they also get plenty of rain so it is also very green - the central plaza is a lovelly eat your streetfood!

15 Aug 2006, 12:23PM

Antiguaīs colonial cobbled streets.

16 Aug 2006, 8:08AM

More ruins...this time El Carmen. The churches all have fabulous facades and the place must have been a catholicīs dream before 1773 when a major earthquake hit and put pay to most of them.

15 Aug 2006, 8:52PM

The ruined facade of Santa Teresa which is nicely lit at night.

16 Aug 2006, 10:55AM

More ruins - this time La Recoleccion which is probably the best to visit as it is an extensive site and nice gardens. Although this place was built in the early 1700īs, many of the churches here date back to the late 1500īs before the 1773 earthquake up to which time they were regularly refurbished (regular earthquakes!) but thereafter people obviously got fed up and moved the capital to Guatemala City.

16 Aug 2006, 8:14AM

More of Antiguaīs cobbled streets.