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Location: San Ignacio and Caye Caulker, Belize

We crossed over the border and stopped off in San Ignacio which has so many activity options you could stay here for weeks (...but we dont have that sort of time or money!) before moving onto Caye Caulker.

28 Aug 2006, 1:42PM

Part of the fun is wading through the caverns which in parts are neck deep or more in water or...

28 Aug 2006, 12:56PM

The mouth of Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) cave - doesn't look like much but it has kilometres of tunnels and was a sacred place for the Mayans so has loads of untouched relics and skeletons.

28 Aug 2006, 2:53PM

Pottery which is 500-1000 years old and was subject to ritual smashing by the Mayans as part of their ceremonies.

28 Aug 2006, 3:58PM

...a tight squeeze like this.

28 Aug 2006, 3:42PM

It has been decided by Belizian authorities not to disturb any relics or bones, so what you see is how it was found, and most probably left.

28 Aug 2006, 2:59PM

Etching of a monkey on one of the pots.

29 Aug 2006, 1:19PM

Iguana. This guy was big - well over a metre from top to tail.

29 Aug 2006, 11:54AM

This is the Macal River which splits San Ignacio and its sister city of Santa Elena. You can paddle up the river and then return, but we were lucky to find a guide who has a property further up the river and ran a tour where you drive to his place (a magic place with medicinal plants and untouched Mayan ruins) and then canoe down the river with the current - the benefit obvioulsy being that you dont have to work as hard, but mainly that you go further and so see more.

31 Aug 2006, 11:18AM

The Blue Hole on the outer reef 45 miles east of Belize City - you can sort of make out the reef seperating the open sea (aqua to the bottom of the photo) and the Blue Hole (deep blue (!) at the top left of picture). We joined a diving tour out here. The water was a fantastic temperature and clear allowing us to dive down to 7m or more to get close up with the coral and fish everywhere - photos on the disposable underwater cam only unfortunately, so nothing for the net.

29 Aug 2006, 1:26PM

Grasshoper that decided to take a ride on me whilst we were paddling.

29 Aug 2006, 11:01AM

Tarantula - strategically placed at the end of this page for the benefit of Nick's sister who hates, hates, hates spiders!

2 Sep 2006, 12:50PM

Sailing out to the reef for our second snorkelling trip. Sailing made a nice change and our rasta crew / guides made it even more memorable. Again no underwater photos on the net as we only have disposable underwater cameras - sorry!