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Campeche, Chichen & Cenotes

Location: Valladolid, Mexico

We are still cruising the yucatan, but before heading back to Cancun for our flight out we thought we should see one more ruin and another cave (cenote)...

12 Sep 2006, 6:14PM

Colonial buildings (actually our hostel) on the corner of the main plaza.

12 Sep 2006, 5:41PM

We had a few days up our sleave so headed west for Campeche, an interesting place because in the late 1600´s they built a wall around the town (up to 3m thick with forts along it and outside) to protect from pirates who actually sacked the whole place in 1663. The walls have been largely removed save for the more intersting sections and within them lies the atmospheric old ´colonial´ town.

15 Sep 2006, 8:41AM

35m Pyramid of Kukulcan / El Castillo is the centre piece of the ruins at Chichen Itza - a little more detailed than others we have seen with a nice temple restoration at the top.

13 Sep 2006, 9:14PM

Campeche´s cathedral all dressed up for Mexican Independance Day celebrations on Sept 15 (Cry for Indep. Day) and 16.

15 Sep 2006, 8:53AM


15 Sep 2006, 10:20AM

How El Castillo looked like from the first photo taken of it? Unlikely!

15 Sep 2006, 9:50AM

The Nunnery has some nice mask features - this one (clearly) is of the big nose god?!

15 Sep 2006, 8:21AM

One of the hoops in the largest ball court we have come across - I think I mentioned in an earlier entry that the loser was sacrificed, well apparently there is much debate about this, as hear they say it was the winner, as apparently it was `lucky` to be sacrificed...

15 Sep 2006, 10:28AM

More stone features, this time on the Temple of the Skulls.

15 Sep 2006, 10:16AM

Temple of the Warriors (which you cant climb!) has the statue of Chacmool (the guy lying down in front) who apparently is holding a carved urn on his belly which was used in sacrifices...well maybe?!

17 Sep 2006, 11:40AM

The cenote is a large underground cavern with a small hole in the ceiling where the sun's rays sneak through. The water is blue, cool, and clear - just right for swimming or floating like Jodes is doing in the photo to the left.

17 Sep 2006, 10:53AM

Just out of Valladolid at a place called Dzitnup, you can visit the cenote X`Keken - but only if you can pronounce the names otherwise you wont get there!