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Getting around in Cuba

Location: Cuba

OK, there are nice tourist buses in Cuba (cant call them good after what we had in Arg and Mex) but by far and away the most common forms of transport are much more interesting...

23 Sep 2006, 9:30AM

The ´Camello´ bus so called because it has two humps - it can hold 300+ complete discomfort!

23 Sep 2006, 2:44PM

Old classics from the 50´s - most are held together by rope, but a few are actually in good shape.

27 Sep 2006, 8:04AM

Oxen and cart...

23 Sep 2006, 9:31AM

Another shot of the camello.

1 Oct 2006, 7:43AM

Hire cars, but beware the pot holes in the roads - sometimes safer to drive on the side of the road...

27 Sep 2006, 10:15AM

...Oxen and sled!

3 Oct 2006, 2:32PM

Horse and carriage.

28 Sep 2006, 11:03AM

oh and at regional borders you will get fumigated!

4 Oct 2006, 11:36AM


4 Oct 2006, 8:46AM

Old trucks converted to hold passengers in the back...hopefully far enough away from the plumes of black smoke coming from the exhaust.

6 Oct 2006, 8:21AM

And the bike. The bike is the ´transport of the people´, and is so common that on the roads trucks and buses will slow to give way before overtaking!