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Out and about in Cuba

Location: Vinales, Trinidad and others, Cuba

With our friends Ianko and Jezabel (that we met getting off the plane!) we hired a car to tour much of the area towards the western half of Cuba - luckily it turned out we shared the same interests in Cuban people, politics, culture and the sites!

27 Sep 2006, 7:28AM

The valley and mogotes (the rock formations) just outside the small town of Vinales.

26 Sep 2006, 12:49PM

On the way to Vinales.

27 Sep 2006, 9:39AM

Street scene in Vinales.

27 Sep 2006, 7:41AM

Tobacco farming in Pina del Rio province - but wait you say, it isnīt tobacco growing season...

28 Sep 2006, 3:08PM

This sign marks the furtherest spot (not actually that far inland) that CIA backed exiles reached during the 3 day Bay of Pigs ínvasionī.

28 Sep 2006, 2:41PM

On route through the middle of the country heading towards Bay of Pigs territory we come to the small town of...Australia!

2 Oct 2006, 10:12AM

Street scene in colonial Trinidad de Cuba.

1 Oct 2006, 10:56AM

Che monument in Santa Clara.

2 Oct 2006, 11:12AM

Panoramic shot of Trinidad and the sorrounding hills.

2 Oct 2006, 10:27AM

The locals doing what they do best during the middle of the day!

Another billboard and reference to Che - if you havenīt figured it out yet, this guy is BIG here!

2 Oct 2006, 11:30AM

More of colonial Trinidad.