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Cairo and the Giza plateau

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is outrageous - hot, crazy with traffic and 20m daytime population, the Nile, and of course the pyramids at Giza which are now being gobbled up by the urban sprawl. You either love it or hate it!

Pyramids of Khafre (136m, right) and Menkaure (60m, left)...and camel!

The 140m Great Pyramid of Khufu / Cheops with Cairo in the background.

Mosque of Mohammed Ali (no, not the boxer) within the walls of the Citadel that sits above Cairo.

Ummm....what's his name.

Claustrophobic Cairo.

Sound and light show...from the terrace of Pizza Hut!

Same street as the one before, but this time at night after sunset when all Egyptians come out during Ramadan (they fast during the day and stay up all night eating). I think our hostel room was on Cairo's busieast street!

Cairo traffic - note how the traffic lane markings "...are for decoration only...".