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Luxor & Valley of the Kings

Location: :uxor, Egypt

Luxor is the centre piece of Egypts 'open air museum' with 2 temples (east bank) and the Valley of the Kings (west bank).

15 Oct 2006, 8:50AM

Karnak Temples where it was so hot I figured I might as well test out the local fashion - the galabiyya. Somewhat surprisingly I was not asked to pose for tourist photos!

15 Oct 2006, 5:52AM

Luxor Temple which sits in the middle of the town alongside the Nile.

15 Oct 2006, 9:23AM

Original ceiling artwork at Karnak.

15 Oct 2006, 9:19AM

30m obelisks at Karnak.

16 Oct 2006, 1:18AM

The Valley of the Kings - doesn't look that impressive from the outside but it is loaded with 60 plus burial chambers below ground, dug here because it was the only place dry and hard enough to excavate.

15 Oct 2006, 10:04AM

30m high carved columns at Karnak.

16 Oct 2006, 2:28AM

King Tuts tomb, faces because it was not raided therefore was ful of goodies, but otherwise small and plain in comparison to the others.

16 Oct 2006, 2:26AM

No photos allowed in the tombs, but these diagrams give you the gist.

16 Oct 2006, 3:16AM

Tomb 5 is thoughtto hold over 100 buriel chambers but is yet to be fully excavated.

16 Oct 2006, 2:38AM

Rameses I - has great artwork.

16 Oct 2006, 3:23AM

Rameses IV - currently the alrgest fully open burial chamber.