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Location: Mt Sinai and Dahab, Egypt

The Sinai peninsula - diverse scenery, diving/snorkeling...oh and of course Moses and the 10 Commandments.

After getting up at 1:30am we trek up 2,285m Mt Sinai for a 5:30am sunrise. This is Jodes and another Kiwi, Ang, just as the sun peaks above the horizon.

18 Oct 2006, 1:58PM

Our accomodation has a bedouin like tent complete with herbal tea and sheesha, but dont worry Mum, it is only flavoured mild tobacco!

Soaking up the spectacular views.

The sun after it has just cleared the horizon - quite possibly the best sunrise I have seen.

18 Oct 2006, 11:27PM

Looking back from the top of Mt Sinai over the huts just below that opportunistically rent blankets and mattreses!

18 Oct 2006, 11:13PM

The ranges behind Mt Sinai.

19 Oct 2006, 1:26AM

Runes carved in the Monastry walls.

19 Oct 2006, 12:53AM

Historic St Katherines Monastry at the foot of Mt Sinai.

20 Oct 2006, 7:02AM

Snorkeling just outside of Dahab (eastern side of Sinai peninsula) and the narrow pass our jeep actually clipped on the way through at speed! We were on our way to snorkel at the Blue Hole, similar to the one we visitied in Belize, but this one you just jump in from the rocks on the shore!

19 Oct 2006, 3:49AM

The Burning Bush that 'spoke' to Moses which is inside the Monastry walls.

20 Oct 2006, 7:22AM

Our driver Muhammed and his muffler that fell off on route to the Blue Hole across the bumpiest / rockiest road which for some reason he didn't think we needed to slow down for! And that was after he pushed the other car whilst driving along when it ran out of petrol!!

20 Oct 2006, 7:12AM

View from Dahab with the Gulf of Aqaba on the right that tracks down to the Red Sea.