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Glacier Grey & the W

Location: Chile

29 Mar 2006, 4:39PM

Jodes (colour coordinated and) ready for more action! Glacier Grey actually goes around the rock before plunging into Lago Grey.

29 Mar 2006, 6:15PM

Ice hiking on Glacier Grey just before we started our W trek (59kms W to E - in reverse to most people).

29 Mar 2006, 4:44PM

The face of the glacier is massive (the boat in the photo can carry about 50 ´personas´) and you get a sense of the beautiful blue of the glacier in this shot.

29 Mar 2006, 4:59PM

Small ice cave on Glacier Grey.

31 Mar 2006, 11:24AM

Constant ´thunderous´ rumblings whilst in the valley from ice / snow falls culimating in snow clouds like this one!

31 Mar 2006, 11:58AM

Valle del Frances (with small dirty glacier in the foreground) which is in the middle of the W. Quite a hard trek up to this lookout, but amazing views (and its own weather patern !).

1 Apr 2006, 7:16AM

Sunrise against the eastern face of Los Cuernos ´Principal´.

31 Mar 2006, 11:52AM

Our first view of (the western face) of Los Cuernos (The Horns).

1 Apr 2006, 9:42AM

On the trek somewhere between Los Cuernos and the Torres - note shorts !

1 Apr 2006, 7:33AM

Sunrise looking N/W from Refugio Los Cuernos.

2 Apr 2006, 2:24PM

2nd last day of the W and we had a fantastic sunny day to climb (10kms uphill, the last of which buldering for 1.5km´s - not recommended for knees !!!!!!) and we got the best view of the Torres del Paine (Blue Towers). See if you can find Jodes ?