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Location: langkawai, Malaysia

21 Mar 2004, 2:01AM

Markie acting the goat

23 Mar 2004, 3:36AM

Our Hotel

22 Mar 2004, 6:51AM

Chilling out at the reggae bar Mus playing the drums

20 Mar 2004, 11:42AM

Trying his luck at singing...

18 Mar 2004, 3:24AM

wild monkeys having a good pick (me and Honey)

15 Mar 2004, 11:27PM

View from our blacony

30 Mar 2004, 4:10AM

where else to eat your lunch

30 Mar 2004, 4:11AM

Spot of lunch

20 Mar 2004, 2:37PM

All the guys at we hung out with at the hotel.

18 Mar 2004, 10:56PM

view of the island from the top

30 Mar 2004, 4:06AM

Twin Towers

30 Mar 2004, 4:08AM

Ariel view from the telecom tower Kuala Lumpur