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Angkor Wat!

Location: Angkor, Cambodia

These are just a few of the hundreds of pics that I took at the many temples in the Angkor complex

23 Apr 2006, 8:57AM

One of the many many faces that are on the towers of the Bayon temple at Angkor Thom

18 Apr 2006, 2:33PM

My last day in Vietnam boating of the Mekong Delta

23 Apr 2006, 12:32PM

In the overgrown 'tomb raider' temple

23 Apr 2006, 9:16AM

Among the ruins

23 Apr 2006, 3:07PM

Angkor Wat.. see I was there!

23 Apr 2006, 12:44PM

Jungle taking over!

23 Apr 2006, 3:24PM

View from the top of Angkor Wat

23 Apr 2006, 3:15PM

Monks at Angkor Wat

23 Apr 2006, 5:23PM

Meeting the monks

23 Apr 2006, 5:15PM

24 Apr 2006, 3:08PM

Meeting the children

23 Apr 2006, 5:47PM

Angkor Wat at almost Sunset