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Location: UK

16 Jun 2006, 7:25PM

Beautiful Ios! This is looking down to the port

16 Jun 2006, 7:24PM

I only have a few photos from greece. This is from the bar at the hostel i stayed at on Ios

28 Jun 2006, 11:17PM


28 Jun 2006, 11:16PM

At Wimbeldon in front of some of the famous flowers

16 Jul 2006, 1:44PM

The Cutty Sark Tea Clipper

16 Jul 2006, 1:30PM

On board the Cutty Sark at Geenwich

30 Jul 2006, 2:13PM

Liz and I at Dover Castle

29 Jul 2006, 2:25PM

Ali and I at Canterbruy Cathedral

30 Jul 2006, 5:21PM

The castle and the white cliffs of Dover. plus the lovely pebbled beaches!

30 Jul 2006, 5:19PM

Looking towards France across the English Channel

30 Jul 2006, 5:52PM

The white cliffs of dover