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Tiger Temple

Location: Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Tiger Temple - Monks raise orphaned tiger cubs. The Tigers here are now breeding. There is some controversy over whether this is the right way to be looking after these tigers, but they are currently raising money to build a massive enclosure where the tigers will be able to live in a more natural habitat.

This one here stetched against me almost knocking me over, then he hit me with his tail!

The tigers all looked very healthy and well cared for.

I didn't feel in danger at any time.

I was worried that the tigers might have been drugged but they did not appear to have been sedated.

Another staff member took your camera and took heaps of photos.

The staff held your hand the whole time you were in with the tigers (except for photos) and guided you around safely.

It was a great experience, I thought twice about going but if my money can help them build the enclosure then Im glad I went.

One got a bit cranky at one stage, the monk went and sat with it and stroked it and said 'half and hour more and then you can have a big chicken!'

There is some bad publicity about this temple esp in the guide books, but nobody else would take these cubs at the time, so if the monk hadn't of they would have died.