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Location: Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Bridge Over the River Kwai

9 Mar 2006, 5:19PM

Bridge Over the River Kwai

9 Mar 2006, 2:43PM

View from the restuarant deck where I am staying

9 Mar 2006, 6:39PM

Sunset from my accomodation

9 Mar 2006, 5:46PM

Floating Karaoke Barge

10 Mar 2006, 9:38AM

Erawan Wayerfalls

10 Mar 2006, 7:21AM

View from my room, early morning

10 Mar 2006, 2:40PM

Hellfire Pass. Memorial on the left hand wall is for Weary Dunlop. His ashes were scattered here the ANZAC day after he died.

10 Mar 2006, 2:35PM

Hellfire Pass

10 Mar 2006, 4:12PM

View from the Death Railway