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Arlington Cemetery

Location: Washington DC, USA

Here are my photos from my trip to Arlington Cemetery in DC. i went in on Sunday the 30th of April with Karen, Milissa and Sarah. It was a nice sunny day, we actually met some other Aussies there it seems like we are invading!

Some of the many military graves.

Well this is a welcome sign...

Karen, me and Milissa

karen, Sarah and Milissa

More graves with DC in the background.

JKF and Jackie O's graves with an eternal flame in behind it.

Me and Milissa near the old amphitheatre.

This photo really doesnt do the view justice, it is beautiful.

The amphitheatre where they have their remeberance day ceremonies and things like that.

The tomb of the unknown soldier just before the change of guard.

A nice sign.

Me with Arlington House in the background.