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Mount Vernon

Me Karen, Sarah and Milissa drove to Alexandria to see Mount Vernon. It was George Washingtons Estate and is open to visitors. It was interesting but i think it means more to Americans than i could appreciate. We also went on a ferry ride on the Potomac River which was relaxing.

the back where they are doing renovations

the front of the main mansion

Sarah and Mil laughing at our stupid photos

While we were waiting for the ferry we found ways to entertain ourselves. this is Karen and Sarah doing 'the lawn mower' or was it 'the shopping trolley'?

Mil and Me

Me and Sarah

Karen, Mil and Me on the ferry

Karen, Mil and Me being... us

Looking back at Mount vernon from the ferry

Karen, Mil, Me and Sarah on the ferry

Me and Mil

the view of the Potomac River from the Estate