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Camping at hershey

Location: Hershey Pennsylvania, USA

Me Sarah and Karen went to Hershey in Pennsylvania and stayed at Hershey High Meadow Campgrounds. Me and Karen went halves and bought a tent, hopefully we will get to use it again. We had the best time, met some nice boys too. Karen went to the Dave Mattews Band concert Friday night while me and Sarah stayed at the campsite.

Me laying on my bed in the tent

Me and Sarah wasting time mucking around with the camera while waiting for Karen to come back from the concert

The boys we met.

Sarah in the tent.

Me Sarah and Karen at the entrance to Hershey Park

the boys again

ummm comfortable wet pants, shoes and socks

Us after being on a water rapids ride. Apparently the warning at the start of the ride that says 'you will get soaked' is worth listening to

We got a western photo done while we were there.

karen and Sarah waiting to go on a rollercoaster. Yeah not my scene