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Fourth of July

Hey i finally got around to posting thse photos. We had a very eventful forth of July. We went into DC early in the afternoon to get a good spot at the Capitol Concert. It was 40 degrees that day and we sat there for hours guarding our spot. Sarah was about to meet us when everyone was evacuated because of a thunderstorm. So we were running around trying to find her, we eventually met up in an museum. After the storm we then had to line up for another hour to get back into the concert. Luckliy we still managed to get a decent spot. Needles to say we weren't happy. It's funny now though. It was a good concert too.

Susie and Karen lugging our heavy stuff. We were grateful for the water in the heat though.

We only saw a little bit of the Parade while we were walking past.

Us waiting in some museum for the storm to pass.

Us guarding our original spot.

Karen and Susie.

The stage

Me getting in the spirit of things.

Mil and Sarah

Susie and her flag

Me Sarah and Mil.

All of us in our final spot.

they really love their country...