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Trek - Day One DC at night

Location: Washington DC, USA

Ok im trying to get all my photos organised coz everyone back home wants to see them. The Trek started in New York but the first stop was DC so I met the group in DC at the camp grounds. We had dinner at the campsite and then headed into DC to see everything lit up at night. It was all very pretty, i havent spent much time in DC at night so i enjoyed having a look around.

Capitol Building

the group in front of the Captiol Building. (back from left to right) Me, Kerstin, Karin, Cris, Thor, Veronika, Phil and Alwin. (from from left to right) Tatiana, Michaela, Heidi, Heidi and Milissa. I hope i didnt spell anyone's names wrong!

Washington Monument

Capitol Building again.

Thomas Jefferson memorial

Thomas Jefferson

World War Two memorial

Mil and I on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial

Everyone sitting looking at the Washington Memorial from the top of the Lincoln Memorial steps.

World War Two memorial, you can see the Lincoln Memorial lit up in the background.